Walk #9: fall is here!


Two happy walkers on a sunny day.

West End YMCA Walking Club WALK #9
 Sunday, September 22, 2013, 9:00 a.m.

In attendance: Six – including one new walker!

Route: North along Dovercourt to Bloor
West to Westmoreland
North past Boys’ and Girls’ Club
West on Dupont
North on Bartlett past the level RR crossing
East on Davenport along ancient Lake Iroquois shore
South on Delaware to College, and back home

Length: 1hour, 11 minutes

Distance / Pace / Steps:
About 6.59 km / comfortable, relaxed pace / about 8060 steps
(Of course, if you walk to the Y and walk home: 10,000 easy!)

Weather: Our coolest walk yet – with a few looming dark clouds. Wore layers; glad to have them!

How was it? Great to get together. We missed those who were away. See you all next time.

What came up? Travel, dining out, neighbourhood history, trees, autumn weather (!), different local streets, families, languages, fitness, walking destinations! (surprise). A few of us planned to attend the Rusholme walk later in the day. Others plan to try the library walk next weekend. You too? Excellent.

Ideas to suggest for a great group wander? Comment below. And join us next week!

Have you joined us already? We hope to see you often.
Can’t make it? No worries! Drop in whenever you can.
Stay in touch. We wouldn’t want you to miss plans for our NEXT BRUNCH WALK!

Do check out the other links on this website! Click on different menu headings at top of page.


Have a great week. Looking for something to do, between our great walks? Go for a walk!
We look forward to hearing your stories.

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