Walk #19 – Railpath & back to Allan Gardens!


Easter cactus blooms for us in December.

West End YMCA Walking Club WALK #19:
Part 1: Sunday, December 01, 2013, 9:00 a.m.
Part 2: Sunday, December 01, 2013, 11:00 a.m.

In attendance: Two, and then ten – including a new walker!

Route: First: bright and early, two of us set out for a brisk walk up and back along the Railpath. I know – been there/done that. But it’s a nice long stretch, so we didn’t run into traffic lights or corners. Made for a terrific non-stop walk and talk.
Then, second: nine of us took the streetcar east to Jarvis, and met our tenth friend there, at lovely Allan Gardens Greenhouses… again! (This was a Sunday of re-runs.) Our grey-day visit there included plants, new December floral installations galore, a horse-drawn cart ride (for a few), hot cider and fresh cookies, beautiful wreaths, some fun photography, carollers in the Palm House, several terrific conversations with very nifty city greenhouseman, Joe (who gave me an agave seed pod, from this lovely plant – whose post-bloom remnants and newly sprouted “babies” we visited!). We all wandered freely through the different greenhouses, and then met to depart for home on foot. We walked straight west, with several folks dropped off as we passed their home corners or afternoon destinations.

Length: Part 1: 1:10 / Part 2: 3:00, inclusive

Distance / Pace / Steps:
Part 1 : About 6 km moderate to quick
Part 2:  The trip home was only 4.6 km! We walked another km inside the greenhouses.
And some of us just kept on walking!

Weather: What a rainy day! That makes the greenhouses all the more beautiful, though.
Walking home, we got soaked. No big deal!

How was it? Wonderful! One member of the club enjoyed this day so much that she blogged about it. I love her plan to make this particular visit a walking club tradition. Will we do this next year? You bet we will! See you all then.

What came up? Travel, dining out, friends, festivities, Christmas trees, horses, weather (surprise!), different local streets, families, traditions, fitness, walking destinations. Cider! Cookies! We met some people we knew there – that was lovely.

Ideas to suggest for our next, great group wander? Comment below. And join us next week!

Have you joined us already? Great! Can’t make it? No worries! Drop in when you can.
Stay in touch. We don’t want you to miss plans for our NEXT BRUNCH WALK!
(Which, we are now happy to announce, will be in two weeks: Sunday, December 15, bright and early, with a quick walk over to another one of our favourite places and a great walk back, too!)

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Have a great week. Want something to do, between our great walks? Go for a walk!
We look forward to hearing your stories.

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