Introducing: Our very own Jane’s Walk!

Okay, so I’ve been remiss in reporting on each and every walk. But we’ve been out walking every single Sunday since we began! This has turned into a wonderful weekly group, and we’re all enjoying the opportunity to get together and just walk! We’re exploring the city, sometimes venturing a little further afield. And we have great fun talking and exchanging ideas, as we walk.

One idea that arose when walking was that of creating a West End YMCA walk especially for Toronto’s Jane’s Walk. After a few meetings, a couple of visits to Jane’s Walk organization events, and a wonderful Friday Night Talk from J.W. director, Denise Pinto, we knew we had to make that walk a reality.

And here it is! Please join us:

WEY Jane's Walk poster

This is going to be terrific! Go to our Jane’s Walk page for our plans, and have a look at our entry on the Jane’s Walk site too (lots of walk photos now there!). Great plan, right?
We thought you’d like it!

And, oh yes, that reminds me… what did Jane say?

“Get out and walk.”

We hope you’ll join us. All are welcome.

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