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We meet at the Toronto College Street West End YMCA each Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. and set out on foot for wonderful conversation, fresh air and… walking! Lots more info about who, where, when, how, what and why… scattered throughout this website, and the preceding posts.


Here is this week’s update and plan:

Hi fellow walkers!

Last Sunday, we enjoyed a great walk to the Music Garden. Thanks to all who joined us. It was a much longer walk than planned! (But you know, some people like to saunter around a garden, and there’s nothing wrong with that!) Maps say this was a 9 km walk, but we zigzagged, and spent time walking the spiral garden paths, too. It turned out to be 12 km or more.

The gardens were in rather “low bloom” for this time of the summer. Often, it is much more lush, and the ornamental grasses are taller and billowing in the breeze. But still, it was lovely to be there, beside the lake. If you’re interested in some bloom photos of that beautiful place, I invite you to visit some of my Music Garden floral pix from a few years ago, here.

We talked about life, the city and art. Here are some photos of a wonderful recent art exhibition that was discussed.


This week, Sunday, July 13, let’s have a neighbourhood walk and head towards the Junction. Interesting things to see, along Dundas West. If you are on a restricted schedule, you can turn back at any point. We’ll keep this walk under two hours. The map says this will be a 9 – 10 km walk, depending on our veering and variations. I bet it will be longer. So we’ll try to keep a good steady pace. Sun and shade, main streets and residential avenues… here we come.

If you live west of the Y, or close to the Junction, and would like to join us en route, please contact me that morning to find out where we are. We’ll figure out how to meet.

Otherwise, we’ll see you in the usual place, Sunday at 9:00 a.m. Wear good shoes. Bring water. Heat and more rain or thunder showers are forecast. We walk, regardless.

Invite a friend to join us? Great!

Are you reading about our club for the first time? Excellent. Now that you know where we’re going. Maybe you’ll walk with us. Welcome!




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