One warm summer walk…

… Coming right up!

Let’s stay in touch here! Do you enjoy our walks together?

Meet at Toronto College Street West End YMCA Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. and set out on foot for wonderful conversation, fresh air and… walking!

We walk for one to two hours, and cover six to ten kilometres. Out for a stroll on Bloor Street West
Not to mention covering all sorts of interesting topics,
and seeing plenty of intriguing architecture, businesses,
blooming or greening plant life
and even other walkers!

All are welcome. Wear comfortable shoes.
Terrain is fairly easy (mostly sidewalks).
Pace is moderate. Hope to see you soon!

Here is this week’s update and plan:

Hi everyone!

Last week, we explored Bloordale’s new-ish neighbourhood sidewalk project, Walk Here. Lovely, subtle sidewalk “garden” effects are made with these stainless steel floral versions of drawings by various members of the Bloordale neighbourhood. We’d heard there were 100 of these flowers, so we set out to see how the total was coming along. We lost count! They really are worth a visit. The work is still in progress, so we will return before it snows. I want to see how the little corner parkette areas evolve – those include multiple steel flower-drawing groups. The contrasting flowers are a delight. Maybe there will be real flowers in those planters, next spring.

Here are some of the steel flowers, inlaid into the concrete. Some have not yet been ground down, to reveal the smooth metal surfaces. Go have a look, and see what you think! The flowers are found on both sides of Bloor Street West, between Lansdowne and Dufferin. A nifty plan, to get people to “Walk Here.”

This Sunday, September 7, promises to be sunny and warm. Let’s grab the end of summer and head down to the beach. Sunnyside Beach, that is! We agreed earlier to visit again, so let’s hit the boardwalk and look for sailboats, kayaks, wind-surfers, swans, sand, weeds, dog-walkers, skaters, swimmers and more. Bring TTC fare – the beach walk can draw you along a bit, and we might walk far enough west to really wish we didn’t have to walk back!

For walks ahead, which favourite destinations will we repeat? Where else should we ramble? Comment here, or bring ideas along to share. Soon: the Humber Valley… two ways! Can’t wait to share that! Those two walks will likely be a few weeks apart. One of the lures is a date-specific event. The other walk there could happen any time. How about next week? And part 2 of our Island exploration is tentatively planned for Thanksgiving Sunday (October 12). We’ll be home in time for Thanksgiving dinner, no worries!

See you in the usual place, Sunday, 9:00 a.m. Wear good shoes for this one. Bring water. Wear sunscreen!!

Invite a friend to join us? Great!

Are you reading about our club for the first time? Excellent – and welcome! Now you know where we’re going. Maybe you can walk with us!




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