We walk, they swim

rain or shine...

rain or shine…

Welcome, walkers. Not following this website yet? You really should!

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We meet at Toronto West End College Street YMCA
Every Sunday at 9:00 a.m.
Conversation, fresh air, exercise and city exploration.

In one to two hours, we cover six to ten kilometres. 
Not to mention covering all sorts of interesting topics,
and seeing intriguing architecture, businesses, cats, dogs,
plant life, street art… and even other walkers!

Wear comfortable shoes. Terrain is easy (mostly sidewalks). Pace is moderate. All are welcome, so see you soon!

This week’s update and plan:

Sunday, September 28 will be a walk to remember. But first we must choose. If the salmon are swimming up-river to their spawning grounds far up the Humber, we’ll return to Etienne Brûlé park, near Old Mill station and walk along to see them leaping up over the little dams. (If so, you should bring a TTC fare, or two, depending upon your schedule. We’ll transit there, and some of us will walk home, as the walk in the park itself won’t be lengthy.)

I have heard that these Lake Ontario fish are already heading north, but will confirm that before we walk. If things are still calm on the river, we’ll walk elsewhere. The weather forecast looks fine!

Sorry some of you couldn’t join us last week. We had a small but terrific lane-art walk… in the rain! We enjoyed paint, stickers, stencilled and tagged walls, a few interesting coach houses and even some little green apples from a tree conveniently overhanging a back fence.

Requests for future walks? Comment here, or bring your ideas along on Sunday. We’re accumulating a great list of destinations. If you haven’t joined us lately, now is the time. We’ve missed you! More good fall walks ahead.

Coming up in two weeks: bird migration watch, with picnic, on the Toronto Islands. Yes, that’s Part 2 of our Island Walking mini-series, guided by our friend, resident Island expert, Tony. Thanksgiving weekend, fall colour, something to celebrate together. Can’t wait! Other plans for October walks: textiles in the city, the history of our Portuguese neighbourhood, local statuary, the Don Valley… and more. Anyone care for a late/early Nuit Blanche walk on Saturday night/Sunday morning, next week? Let’s talk about it, on our walk!

This week, see you in the usual place: Sunday, 9:00 a.m.

Please do invite a friend to join us. Any walking friend of yours is a walking friend of ours.

Are you reading about our club for the first time?
Excellent! And welcome! Now that you know… please join us!




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