À la carte walk… to the Park Crawl

Beautiful river. No salmon leaping.

Beautiful river.
No salmon leaping.

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We meet at Toronto West End College Street YMCA
Sundays at 9:00 a.m. All year long.
Conversation, fresh air, exercise and city exploration.

In one to two hours, we cover six to ten kilometres. 
Not to mention covering all sorts of interesting topics,
and seeing intriguing architecture, businesses, cats, dogs,
plant life, street art… and even other walkers!

Wear comfortable shoes. Terrain is easy (mostly sidewalks). Pace is moderate. All are welcome, so see you soon!

N.B.: THIS WEEK: Christie Pits Park (and the others, if you follow the parade) DOES INCLUDE SOME HILLS.

This week’s update and plan:

Sunday, October 05 will be a community walk. Simple. And complex too, if you want that. We’ll first make our way, circuitously, to Christie Pits, enjoying cool morning weather. There we’ll join the Homegrown Park Crawl and explore whatever catches our fancy. “The crawl” is a day-long park visit, focusing on ecology, environment and community, with musical walks south, through three more parks before day’s end. David Suzuki will speak at 4 p.m. in Trinity-Bellwoods Park, if you last that long. (Or… if you go home, have lunch, rest up, and then go for that later! :-)) The many activities will include planting, eco-info, food booths (buy tickets for food purchases in advance, if you think that would be fun), performances, and more. See a cute video of last year’s crawl, and read a bit about it all, here.

I plan to enjoy the Christie Pits portion of the crawl, ONLY, to see what is new and interesting. I’ll leave to head home by 11:00. (If this sounds suspiciously like I have a brunch date, you’re not imagining it!) So, not a terribly long walk. You may certainly linger longer than our sometimes-90-minute plan. See if that appeals, once we get there! Or just bid us adios, if you depart early. (If you do choose to hang around with the big happy crowd for the whole day, I request photos!)

Last week’s walk was wonderful. Kind of amusing: not quite what we expected, after a concerted attempt at research and planning. Well, it turned out pretty nicely, anyway! The ten of us, including a couple of lovely new friends, could not have asked for a more beautiful, sunny, sparkling day along the Humber River.

But did we see any upstream-swimming-and-leaping salmon????

Well, no.

We did meet someone who’d seen a couple of them leaping up the fish ladder, just before we spoke to her. But I think we were near the end of the run and, so, didn’t spot a single fish. Lots of outdoor beauty, though. I don’t think any of us were complaining. Thank you all for such an excellent fall morning walk together!

click any thumbnail photo above for a large version carousel of all nine pix

Future walk ideas? Comment here, or bring suggestions along on Sunday. We’re accumulating a great list of destinations. And we’re inspired to enjoy a few return visits, too. If you haven’t joined us lately, now is the time. We’ve missed you! More amazing fall walks ahead. Before, you know, that other season.

Coming right up, next week: leaf colour and bird migration watch (if we’re luckier than we were with the salmon ;-)), on the Toronto Islands. At last! We head back to meet Tony for Part 2 of our Island Walk mini-series, on Thanksgiving weekend. Fall in the air, something to celebrate together. Can’t wait! This will be a BYOP walk. That is: bring your own picnic. Maybe something simple. We’ll walk for a couple of hours, and then rest to enjoy our lunches. And maybe  a special treat. Details and times, soon.

Other plans ahead: textiles in the city, the history of our Portuguese neighbourhood, local statuary, the Don Valley… and more. Gorgeous seasonal flowers in the Allan Gardens greenhouses, anyone? That was one of last year’s favourite walks, and we definitely plan a re-run in early December! (Bring friends, bring family, bring cameras! And remember: hot cider and shortbread are on the house!)

Anyone care for a late/early Nuit Blanche walk, tomorrow, Saturday night/Sunday morning?? Let us all know, by commenting right here. Maybe we can coordinate and enjoy an artful urban installation together. I’m tempted by the Fort York offerings, but not sure I really want to be up late before our Park Crawl walk. Let me know what you think.

See you in the usual place: Sunday at 9:00 a.m.

Please do invite a friend (or terrific relative!) to join us. Any walking friend of yours is a walking friend of ours.

Are you reading about our club for the first time?
Excellent! And welcome! Now that you know… please join us!




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2 thoughts on “À la carte walk… to the Park Crawl

  1. Morn’in Lori: I am not going to make the walk this am. Off to apple picking at Avalon, then volunteer gardening and then trying to make it to David Suzuki at 4pm at Trinity Bellwoods Park…Just couldn’t fit in one more thing!

    See you next week.

    Skylar (& Jorien)

    • Sounds like you have a wonderful day planned, Skylar. Just sorry we can’t extend the walk and meet you to hear DS. Enjoy it all! See you and Jorien next time!

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