Island… part 2

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Ah, that's better!

Ah, that’s better!

We meet at Toronto College Street West End YMCA
Sunday mornings, 9:00 a.m.
Then we venture forth for great conversation, fresh air and… walking!

Most weeks, we walk for one to two hours covering six to ten kilometres.
Not to mention covering all sorts of interesting topics,
and seeing intriguing architecture, businesses, trees,
plants, cats, dogs, signs along the way… even other walkers!

Comfortable footwear is a necessity. Terrain is fairly easy (mostly sidewalks).
Pace is moderate. All are welcome. See you soon!

Here is this week’s update and plan:

Hello Sidewalk Warriors!

We enjoyed our walk to the Homegrown Park Crawl last Sunday. It was a short visit, but we explored, chatted, admired plants and heard music. Managed to resist the treats. (But next time? Treats!!) We liked this Christie Pits portion of the four-park walk event. One of us even attended the last segment of the ‘crawl’ to hear David Suzuki speak. I suspect we’ll hear from Marion about that. If you couldn’t join us, we hope you will next year. This is an interesting community initiative. I wish I’d been around for more of the music (musicians lead the parades between the parks). We’ll plan ahead for that!

Here are a few pictures of our sunny morning:

This week, Sunday, October 12, we return to the islands! Once again, friend Tony will meet us at the docks and this time, lead us on a morning tour of Centre and Ward’s Islands. A little requirement: PLEASE BRING your own little PICNIC LUNCH! We’ll walk for a couple of hours, take a lunch break at noon, then, shortly after that, return to the mainland. Departure time is flexible. If you want to stay to walk, explore, read or gaze at the lake, do stay longer. You might choose to return by any of the three ferries. This will be a terrific day. We may be back at the Y by about 2:00, if we are efficient!

You will need two way transit fare and the cost of the ferry trip (which is $7.00, return trip). We leave the Y promptly at 9:00 to catch the 10:00 a.m. ferry to Centre Island. Grab your water bottle, your sandwich, a piece of fruit, a couple of carrot sticks, and let’s get going!

SPECIAL NOTE: This seasonal plan is weather-dependent. So far, the possibility of precipitation is 0% all weekend. Sounds perfect!

Requests for future walks gladly accepted here in the comments, or share your ideas on Sunday. We’re planning now, for more wonderful morning explorations. Next week we’ll take quite a different walk. Heading downtown to see something very interesting. Curious? Join us on Sunday and I’ll let you in on the plan.

See you Sunday morning! If you missed Island Walk part 1, you really should join us for part 2. (And we’ll miss you if you don’t!) Pix of the first walk are here.

Invite a friend or two to join us! Share this website with them, too, so they’ll know what we plan next.

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