world class: WORLD PRESS PHOTO 2014

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First ANNUAL Thanksgiving Island picnic!

First ANNUAL Thanksgiving Island picnic!

We meet at Toronto College Street West End YMCA
Sunday mornings, 9:00 a.m.
Then we venture forth for great conversation, fresh air and… walking!

Most weeks, we walk for one to two hours covering six to ten kilometres.
Not to mention covering all sorts of interesting topics,
and seeing intriguing architecture, businesses, trees,
plants, cats, dogs, signs along the way… even other walkers!

Comfortable footwear is a necessity. Terrain is fairly easy (mostly sidewalks).
Pace is moderate. All are welcome. See you soon!

Here is this week’s update and plan:

Hello Island-Explorers!

What a great Sunday! Thank you to all who joined our big group to sail away, look, talk, walk and break bread. Sincere thanks to Tony, who hosted us with his usual generosity, affability, keen eye, knowledge of the city and the island… and sense of humour! What great company, and what a glorious sunny day to share it all. But enough from me about that. If you want to read something delightful about that terrific walk, check out Marion’s excellent post! And enjoy these photos of our day:


This week: Sunday, October 19 promises to be bright and cool. After a brisk walk downtown, we’ll look at a smart and compelling annual photo exhibition… indoors. We’ll zig-zag south and east to get to Brookfield Place for the 2014 World Press Photo exhibition. It’s always interesting, often eye-opening, and this is a great, bright venue to see the photos. If you like, you can even download a phone-app to bring along. But you don’t need that. It looks cool. But photos don’t always need much explanation. See what you think!

The walk there will take about an hour. You may spend as long, or as little, as you like with the photos. This location is near Union Station, in case anyone wishes to take transit home. Some may walk home, or even stay downtown to see other things. The day beckons!

Requests for future walks gladly accepted here in Comments. Or share your ideas on Sunday. We’re planning now, for more wonderful fall morning explorations. Next week: quite a different adventure: going to a park for an interesting outdoor activity! Curious? Join us Sunday and find out what that might be. Or maybe it will be a surprise. But that’s next week!

See you Sunday morning! Invite a friend or two to join us! Share this website with them, too, so they’ll know what we plan next.

Are you reading about our Walking Club for the first time?
Welcome! We hope you’ll FOLLOW the website, and also join us for a walk or two. Or three!




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