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A map of PATH - downtown Toronto's underground maze!

Map of PATH: downtown Toronto’s amazing underground walking maze

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We meet at Toronto College Street West End YMCA
Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m.
Then we set out for conversation, fresh air and… walking!
And this week: something else, too!  ̥.•`ᴼ*•.¸.•★´ᴼ¨`*•  .̥•o*

Most weeks, we walk for 1 – 2 hours, covering 5 – 10 kilometres.
Not to mention covering all sorts of interesting topics,
and seeing intriguing architecture, businesses, trees,
plants, cats, dogs, signs along the way… even other walkers!

Comfortable footwear is a necessity. Terrain is fairly easy (mostly sidewalks).
Pace is moderate. All are welcome. See you soon!

Here is this week’s update and plan:

One of our favourite photojournalists!

One of our favourite photojournalists!

Hello everyone,

Thanks to the great group who walked all the way downtown to have a look at the World Press Photo 2014 exhibit. Some amazing photos – and some very difficult topics. Some lighter things, too. I hope we will see the photographs next year, too. Glad you saw these photos? Your comments are welcome!

There were so many thoughtful images that I couldn’t bring myself to photograph them. I spent more time looking at the pictures… and the people looking at the pictures.

We ventured briefly into PATH, where a few of us had not wandered much before. Certainly worthy of an exploration, some really cold winter day.

Oh. Sorry. Did I say “winter”? Whatever was I thinking? I shall not use that word here again. For at least a couple of months.

This week: Sunday, October 26 might just be another glorious sunny fall day. And we may not have too many more of those! So, how about a walk? “Haha,” you say. “We always walk!”

Well then, how about a walk and a game of outdoor table tennis?!!! Yes, you know what I mean. And I bet you remember where it is, too. So let’s go! Some among the group excel at table tennis. And then there are some of us who’d love to learn. Or at least watch. Here’s a chance for some outdoor fun. And probably some Sunday morning laughs!

I hope the weather cooperates. Some equipment will be supplied, but if you happen to have your own professional-grade paddle (ahem!), bring it along.

Maybe you can teach us a thing or two! Boing!   ̥.•`ᴼ*•.¸.•★´ᴼ¨`*• .̥•o*

The walk is not far. And you can stay as long, or as briefly, as you like.

If we enjoy this, some of us hope to play table tennis more often. A discussion about that will begin soon, for all interested. Suggested by Louise: group table tennis meetings at a local community centre with all-day table tennis access! Are you in?

Can parkour, extreme tennis, ultimate frisbee, outdoor circuit training or downtown snow-shoeing be far behind? Hahaha – I refuse to answer that! (Of course, we are a WALKING club. But anything is possible.)

Requests for future walks (sporty or not so) gladly accepted here in the Comments. Or share your ideas on Sunday. We’re planning now, for more wonderful fall morning explorations. Next week: a super-short, super-quick walk. Join us then. But that’s next week! This week’s walk is right around the corner. (Literally!)

Here’s a little extra note about something beautiful, right in our neighbourhood. Were you with us for the Bloorcourt sidewalk garden exploration? Remember how some of the small corner patches were not yet finished, or revealed? You should see that area now! Gorgeous. And definitely worth another visit:

See you Sunday morning! Bring a friend. Share this website so everyone knows what we plan next.

Are you reading about our Walking Club for the first time?
Welcome! We hope you’ll FOLLOW the website, and also join us for a walk or two. Or three!




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