Fast ❧ fancy ❧ fall ❧ footwork ❧❧❧

beautiful sidewalk litter!

beautiful sidewalk litter!

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We meet at Toronto College Street West End YMCA
Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m.
Then we set out for conversation, fresh air and… walking!

Most weeks, we walk for 1 – 2 hours, covering 5 – 10 kilometres.
Not to mention covering all sorts of interesting topics,
and seeing intriguing architecture, businesses, trees,
plants, cats, dogs, signs along the way… even other walkers!

Comfortable footwear is a necessity. Soon that will mean boots.
Terrain is fairly easy (mostly sidewalks).
Pace is moderate. All are welcome. See you soon!

Here is this week’s update and plan:

Hello sporty friends,

We’ve been joking, cajoling, threatening, bragging, and pretending, for a while now… about TABLE TENNIS.

The wait is over. As of last Sunday, several of us are now adventurous outdoor table tennis players, thanks to the cool concrete permanent table in Stanley Park. Sure, we may not have played by the rules. And certainly, a few of us may not have been pro-level! (hahaha!!) But did we have fun? You bet!

Two amusing discoveries: the wind is an interesting element in an outdoor game with a lightweight ball!
And also, time really does fly when you’re having fun. A few of us wanted to stay all day.

Well, cooler weather is ahead. But we’ll certainly do that again. Maybe even a surprise winter game!
Oh. Sorry. Did I say “winter”? Again??? Apologies! Just pretend I never mentioned it.

Here are a few action-packed pix of our park ping pong prowess:

Next time, you’d better join us. It was a hoot!

This week: Sunday, November 02 could be another sunny day. Let’s take a quick 60 – 90 minute walk around our neighbourhood. I suggest a good pace to stay warm. And alternating turns to make it interesting. If anyone wants to look at the Bloorcourt sidewalk “garden” progress, that would be fun. But we don’t need a destination. We just need a time-out and time-back plan. At 9:00, we leave. At 9:45, we turn back. By 10:30, we’ll be done, leaving lots of room for the rest of a great fall day!

Requests for future walks (sporty or not so) gladly accepted here in Comments. Or share your ideas on Sunday. We’re planning more wonderful fall morning explorations. Next week: what about a Don Valley walk, in and near the Evergreen Brickworks? Slightly longer time needed. Transit access, including a free shuttle bus from the subway and back, over there. We can just wander the wilds, but there is also a current art show on, and the farmers’ market/brunch there begins at 10, if you want to wander, linger or savour before we head home.

See you this Sunday morning for our local look-about! Bring a friend. Share this website so everyone knows what we plan next.

Are you reading about our Walking Club for the first time?
Welcome! We hope you’ll FOLLOW the website, and also join us for a walk or two. Or three!




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