Never too much: FALL COLOUR

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Meet at Toronto College Street West End YMCA
Sunday mornings, 9:00 a.m.
 for great conversation,
fresh air and…

Most weeks, we walk for one to two hours covering six to ten kilometres.
Our plan: to see architecture, businesses, plants, cats, dogs, signs and
weather along the way… and share thoughts about it all.

Terrain is fairly easy (mostly sidewalks). Pace is moderate. All welcome.
See you soon!

This week’s update and plan:

Last week: we wandered up the RailPath again and zigzagged home in the sun, past homes, reddening trees, and Bloor Street sidewalk art. Lovely company, and a great start to a bright fall day. Glad we could get together!

This week: Sunday, November 09 may bring more cool weather. Ready for the season ahead? Bundle up! We’re heading east to the Don River Valley!

We’ll subway to Broadview Station and catch Evergreen Brickworks’ (free) shuttle bus there. The shuttle leaves at 10, from just north of the station. If you are meeting us there, please be in touch! Once at Brickworks, we can visit an art exhibit, browse farmers’ market stalls, and stroll the beautiful ravine grounds. Or, if we all agree, we can head out into the Don Valley, or the Moore Park Ravine, and walk part way back, via another route. We’ll decide this once we arrive. If weather is drippy, we may stay at the Brickworks and enjoy that rather extensive site. Advantage: easy bathroom access! If it’s gloriously sunny, maybe we can head further afield. No need to decide now. Bring TTC fare. The day beckons!

Some of what I saw, on my last visit there:

Requests for future walks? How about right here, in Comments. Or share your ideas on Sunday. Great nearby, and slightly-further-off, walks… coming right up! See you Sunday morning. Please do invite a friend or two to join us, if you like. Share this website with them, too, so they’ll know what we plan next.

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