Fall walk o’er hill and dale

Feet at Brickworks

Feet at Brickworks

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Meet at Toronto College Street West End YMCA
Sunday mornings, 9:00 a.m.

for good conversation, fresh air and a great walk.

Most weeks: 1 – 2 hours, 6 – 10 kilometres.
Our plan: to see architecture, businesses, plants,
cats, dogs, signs and weather along the way…
and share thoughts about it all.

Terrain is fairly easy (mostly sidewalks). Pace is moderate.
All welcome. See you soon!

This week’s update and plan:

Last week: Evergreen Brickworks! Or, in this case, evergreen, gold and still a hint of red. Thanks to all who drove, walked, talked, looked, hiked and admired artwork, garden experiments, ponds and people’s dogs, too. We enjoyed the very civilized paths and also tromped through a bit of damp forest. Shared the morning with old friends and new. A bite of delicious chocolate was savoured, and a few other tasty treats were purchased for later consumption, at the morning’s farmers’ market. (The cranberry scones and nifty white and black radishes I brought home were delicious!) We were chauffeured to the park… and some of us drove back, too. That was lovely. And, a couple of us walked home. Perfect.

This week: Sunday, November 16, I won’t be able to join you on the walk. I have a busy weekend, and I’m looking forward to it, but I’ll really miss our get-together. So will you please walk anyway??

I have a suggestion. If you’ll meet at the usual time and place, you can enjoy the day (maybe some pretty light flurries!) and walk downtown, to Yonge and Queen Street, to see the Hudson’s Bay Christmas windows. It’s a decent walk, and a rather sweet seasonal sight. I’d definitely go with you if I could! You may have another great idea? If so, talk about it, and head out! I will be very eager to hear about where you go, and what you see. If you’ll send me a couple of photos, I’ll add them to next week’s post (with your permission, I’ll include photo credits).

I wish you all a lovely weekend and, especially, a beautiful Sunday morning. Get out there!

I may have a chance to do some waterfront walking this weekend. If so, I’ll share some photos, next time. See you all next week for another morning walk!

Requests for future walks? How about commenting right here? Or discuss your ideas on Sunday and let me know. Soon: great nearby, and slightly-further-off, walks: A Kensington area history walk. A green and floral event with cider (hint! hint!). Maybe a little pre-Christmas brunch in the snow, like last year?

See you (almost) every Sunday morning. Invite a friend or two to join us, if you like. Share this website with them, too, so they’ll know what we plan next.

Are you reading about our Walking Club for the first time?
Welcome! We hope you’ll FOLLOW the website, and join us for a walk or two. Or three!

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