From tailoring to t-shirts

Hello Walkers!

This week’s update and plan:

Heather... at Heather's! (We waited a long time to snap this!)

Heather… at Heather’s!
(We waited a long time to snap this!)

Thanks to all who joined us last week. We followed a route suggested by Adrianna, to see some of the roots and routes of Portuguese-Canadians in Toronto, as evidenced in our evolving neighbourhood. Our ramble was abridged from one originally led by the Portuguese Canadian History Project of York University. It was a bright, grey day so we headed along College to Kensington and returned home along Dundas. With that obligatory stop for pasteis de nata, claro! No photos here because the ones on their own website are really worth a visit!

A walk in March had us wander past street- and business-signs with names of some walkers. They were rather scattered across the city, so we only managed Paul’s, Steve’s, and Marion Street. Well, finally: on this past walk, as an added (totally coincidental) bonus, we finally had the opportunity to get a photo of Heather with “her” sign! 😉

This Sunday:

Anticipation builds for next week’s special second annual festivity. This week, we’ll take another historical walk. This one was suggested by Beth: a look at Toronto’s textile and clothing world, from a downtown perspective. Join us to see where the fashion industry, the carpet industry, home sewers, quilters, weavers, and more made pieces of history in Toronto. There are stories to hear, too. If you have a smartphone, you might want to download the app for a bit of extra walking insight. (No worries: phones and apps definitely not needed!) I’ll have a map. We’ll look for signs, buildings and a little green ear symbol (where we can hear stories about the various locations, posted by the delightful murmur project). This is going to be fun!

The following week, we’ll enjoy a return to the scene of one of our favourite past destinations. Can’t wait!

Requests for future walks? Interesting explorations? Comment here, or bring your ideas along on Sunday. We are accumulating a great list of destinations. And winter-friendly plans. Yes, there will be another walk through the snow to a cozy brunch in High Park!


See you in the usual place, Sunday, 9:00 a.m.

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