Let the festivities begin

Hi walking friends!

This week’s update and plan:

We had a great walk, last week. Despite good conversation, plenty of diversions and numerous philosophical (and geographic) digressions, we attempted to tour the historical fashion and fabric district, along Spadina and environs. But we enjoyed much more, too. Our app guide to the wonderful “Txtile City” locations wasn’t ideal for my technology, but we used it as a bit of a guide, anyway. If our city’s historical fashion roots appeal to you, this is a walk full of new and former locations: stores, workshops, designers, the Labour Lyceum, and more. Certainly much more than can be visited (or walked past) in a day. Definitely worthy of time exploring their website, too, where audio-file stories of these various spots, sometimes told by former employees, admirers and journalists, are shared. Thanks to Beth for that nifty walk idea and the link to Txtile City. We’ll return to parts of the list, no doubt! And thanks to Marion for many of these photos of our ramble:

This Sunday, December 07, 2014:

Coming right up: the Christmas spirit at Allan Gardens Conservatory. This early December event needs no introduction to those who joined us last year (and loved it!). To new friends, here’s a brief list of the special activities planned for later on this day: plants, flowers, carollers, hot apple cider, shortbread, wreaths, trees, cacti, orchids, and more! Also a horse and carriage – lovely for a little circle around the park. It will be sunny and cool. Let’s take the streetcar over there (bring TTC fare) and enjoy the morning among palms, passion flowers and poinsettias. Then we’ll walk back to the Y. The actual festivities start at noon, so if you wish to stay for that, wonderful.


The grand opening of the Christmas event is at noon. We’ll leave the Y a bit late – at 9:30 – to arrive at the park by around 10, when doors open. Still a bit too early to enjoy the formal plans. But everyone is busy, so I didn’t want to schedule a noon walk. This will still be a lovely visit and we’ll have a good sunny walk, home. If anyone wants to stay longer, to take part in some of the fun, I bet you’d have company. In the meantime, we’ll enjoy plants, and trees, galore. I admit I am considering staying a bit longer to hear some carols and have a sip of cider. But I do have to get ready for a family birthday party! We’ll see how the morning goes. (And whether I manage to bake the cake the day before… )

If you’re visiting the Allan Gardens greenhouses for the first time: entry is free, all year long – usually 10am – 5pm. It’s a beautiful destination. This particular exhibit of seasonal flowers will also offers a few candlelit viewing nights. Interested??? Sounds nice!

Requests for future walks? Interesting explorations? Comment, or bring your ideas on Sunday. Winter-friendly plans ahead. And yes, there will be another walk through snow to a cozy brunch in High Park!

See you Sunday!

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