Circle the neighbourhood

Hi walking friends!


We enjoyed our trip to the Allan Gardens Conservatory last week. What a place. And what a group! We were eventually a greenhouse-wandering crew of 13 friends, family and plant-lovers. New walkers, too! Thanks to everyone, for joining us. I hope you had a great morning. Some of the group even visited later… I hear the candlelight viewing is charming. We walked home in various waves, as some stayed longer to see more plants and say hello to the horses.

Here’s a little slideshow of a few plants and sights:


And this week’s plan:

For Sunday, December 14 2014: a pre-Christmas walk.

So, you know all those calories we’re about to enjoy?

And you know all that lovely time with family and friends we’re about to share… lounging around??

Oh, l know, I know: to you, crokinole and dominoes are cardio activity opportunities, just waiting to happen. More power to you!

And you think of an indulgent turkey dinner as light dining fare.

You’re right, of course, if your portion of the roasted protein is about the size of your palm… and you moderate your serving – yes “serving” singular! – of stuffing and little drizzle of gravy and tablespoon of garlic mashed! Uh-huh. I’m sure you do all that! After your vigorous game of checkers. Right on!

So, it’s time to fit in a little energetic neighbourhood wander. Don’t worry. We won’t sprint along the slushy sidewalks. But we will check out the environs at a good clip, to stay warm and energized all day long!

Please do join us. You can help set the pace. And choose where to turn! Remember that street you’ve always wanted to see? Let’s go there. (Turn left, just ahead.)

Requests for future walks? Interesting explorations? Comment, or bring your ideas on Sunday. Winter-friendly plans ahead. And yes, there will be another walk through snow to a cozy brunch in High Park!

See you Sunday!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?
Welcome! Now that you know where we’re going, you should join us!



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