Through rain or snow

Stern sidewalk instructions.

We set out to “Retake the Lake”!



Last week, we headed to the lake. In Toronto, that means a walk to the southern edge of the city, and along the northern, city-side shore of Lake Ontario. And this is winter! But snow?? What snow?!! It was a good day for a walk. Some of us made it as far west as the little “spine” bridge over the east branch of the Humber River, and had an excellent morning – with a large group of new friends and old. Thank you all! If you weren’t there, please join us this week. You might have missed: bright skies, nice people, shortbread, interesting sightings (swans!), fruit market tables laden with delicious produce (and ducking into one shop, for baguette et croissants!). All this, plus the lovely feeling of fresh air, early in the morning, while walking on the springy composite boardwalk. Sigh. Yes, there were tags and graffiti! But some were amusing (I Sarnia was charming) and a few offered words to live by (see above! :-)). We’ll head back there soon, for sure.

(You know you can hover over any of the photos to see a title, right? Well, if you want to see a larger image on your monitor, you can also click on any photo to see the whole series in a click-through carousel.)

And this week’s plan:

For this year’s first Sunday, January 04, 2015, we’ll take a neighbourhood walk. It might rain, or snow. It could be quite balmy, but might also be slippery. Please bundle up and weather-proof, just in case! I suggest this be a “Resolution Walk.” But don’t worry, it’s nothing nearly as onerous as creating a new year’s resolution. Just this: if you resolve to walk every Sunday morning this year, as I do, please join us to get this plan started! Your thoughts on New Year’s celebrations enjoyed or survived will make very welcome conversation!

Requests for future walks? Interesting explorations? Comment, or bring your ideas on Sunday. Winter-friendly plans ahead. Another High Park brunch is in the works, for January 18, if the weather cooperates (we want snow for that, but… maybe that’s not necessary). Time will fly! We’d all love to hear your walking suggestions.


See you Sunday!

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