Hot and cold walking


Snow on a neighbour's shrub

Snow on a neighbour’s shrub


To match our on-again/off-again winter, we had a snowy, icy, slippery, rainy walk last week. Lots of great company and interesting things to see and share. Walked up RailPath – always a good place to start, and an interesting thing to show our visitors from Dawson City! We walked back through the neighbourhood and went to see the exterior wall of small international artworks at the Wallace-Emerson Community Centre (where some of our very good walking friends work out!). The Tile Project (2003-6) was created as part of (wait for it!!!) “WALK HERE” – an ongoing city improvement initiative which included artist/coordinator Dyan Marie (you may remember another beautiful Walk Here project from a couple of our earlier walks… ). These 100 “tiles” are small square artworks, created in various media, gathered from international artist participants. Definitely worth a visit, even on a nicer day! The little tile collection has seen better days: extreme temps, snow, rain and wind have all contributed to its somewhat weather-worn look. I remember when it was new, but it is still lovely. A few tiles are missing. These things happen. Visit anyway. A pretty interesting urban art project.

The Tile Project at Wallace-Emerson Community Centre

The Tile Project at Wallace-Emerson Community Centre


I’m so glad we had a great morning. I have to say: it was MUCH more slippery and icy than we expected. Winter’s not over yet, so be careful out there!

And this week’s plan:

Sunday, January 11, 2015 will surprise you. I don’t complain about cold weather, but this has been a chilly week. So let’s try a cool-warm-cool walk. Dress in layers. We’ll take a quick march over to… Dufferin Mall. (Yes, Dufferin Mall! And yes, you can meet us there, if you prefer!) I thought about the track at the Y – but it’s busy and we’ve been there. I thought about the Trinity Rec Centre, but the track doesn’t open until 11. So let’s see how many times we can walk the full length of the interior of Dufferin Mall. What the heck! We may measure steps, or time. Or not worry about distance at all. It won’t be too crowded, as most smaller shops open at 11. A few larger things open earlier (one of them, at 7 a.m.!), so we know the mall is open. Some of us might want to stay afterwards. The rest can take a quick march back to the Y, to finish by about 10:30. The intent is avoiding the cold, but it will be fun to try somewhere different. (It may also surprise to the Dufferin Mall folks.) Sure, we might never “mall-walk” again, but it will be amusing to give it a shot.

Where next? Spring is coming, so think of interesting parks or city views you’d like to see. I have one destination in mind already, for a slightly warmer day – I think you’ll enjoy that different look at the city. In the meantime, more winter-friendly plans ahead. And, at last, our next High Park brunch is the firm plan for bright and early on Sunday, January 18. Even if you don’t walk with us every week (or every month) (or… let’s face it: EVER!!), we’d enjoy your friendly company at that brunch. [Yes, Marilyn, I mean you! :-)] (Gotcha!) We should arrive at the Grenadier between 9:30 and 10:00 (depending on weather and means). Please join us! We’ve had good fun, great conversation, and tasty brunches there before, and we’d love to share that with you. (I recommend the French toast.)

For this week, though, just that 90-minute walk. We’ll leave at 9:02 sharp and be back by 10:30. Let’s walk!

See you Sunday!

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