Winter brunch hike

driverspleasemindthepost (delivery lane south of Dufferin Mall)

driverspleasemindthepost (delivery lane south of Dufferin Mall)


Last Sunday’s plan was just to avoid cold weather and slippery sidewalks, so we headed over to Dufferin Mall to walk, talk and window shop. It turned out to be a mild day, but we didn’t mind – it was kind of interesting, actually. We learned that Skylar used to run a mom’s exercise group in Dufferin Grove Park, across the street, and that the mall’s former manager had invited them in, to run with strollers, in the winter! That seemed to set a nice precedent. We walked the full circuit around the mall several times and checked out a few of the back corridors, too. It was rather interesting to see how neat and clean the delivery bays and storage areas were (very picky property manager, I’m guessing!). It was fun to do something different. The mall was not crowded, and we behaved ourselves. No real surprise: security did not ask us to leave!

And this week’s plan:

Sunday, January 18, 2015 We’ve been waiting for this! Please join us for a walking celebration of winter and our return to brunch in High Park. This will be our fourth visit there, in our year-and-a-half of walking together. If the promised light snow happens, it will be very pretty. We’ll have a brisk walk over there and meet any friends who decide to arrive by alternate means! We’ll find a large table in the dining room and enjoy brunch, then we’ll head back on foot, by car (if you drove) or by various means of transit.

We’ll leave the Y at 9:02 sharp. No specific return time, as some may wish to linger. If you want to leave early or dash right after brunch, or even just come with us for the walk over, to shorten the day, no problem. This is a completely flexible plan. If you want to dawdle or wander in the park (for a bit more fun??? Tempting! You know I love mulled cider!) (Colborne Lodge admission info here, in case exploring that beautiful historical home appeals), wonderful.

However you decide to enjoy this brunch-walk, it’s going to be a lovely morning to share. Let’s get outside and walk!

See you Sunday!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?
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