Cool weather momentum!


Wonderful brunch companions!

Wonderful brunch companions!

What a lovely winter brunch bunch! We walked and walked. Deceptively slippery sidewalks seemed as though they’d never end. But we finally arrived in High Park. We enjoyed food and conversation together, in the middle of the park. Several folks walked or drove in separately, to meet us there. One even surprised us with a late arrival time (our fault!! Yes, I will text anyone who we think is missing… next time!). Anyway: what a wonderful way to spend the morning! Thanks, everyone – it was a pleasure to start the day with all of you, as always. And yes, at least one of us had French toast. 🙂

Several people returned home along Bloor Street, and had an interesting re-visit to the sidewalks of Bloordale’s “Walk Here” project, which are now complete. We’re eager to see their corner garden boxes contrast real blossoms with the steel sidewalk installations, this spring.

Of interest, perhaps, is this January 21 CBC Radio interview on the value of walking. With a group. Yeah, we knew that! Have a listen. Does this make you want to get out and walk a bit more often? Great! (Our thanks to Adrianna for this radio suggestion!)

And this week’s plan:

Sunday, January 25, 2015

It’s winter. And we don’t mind! This week, something right in our neighbourhood: let’s walk to see several contemporary homes. Often, in this part of town, people go to incredible lengths, cost and effort to renovate or restore their dream abode. Other times… someone gets a wild idea. These new kid on the block houses may stir ire in neighbours (who’d rather have everything match, and hate the upstart interlopers!). Or maybe these feats of contemporary design are just the elbow to the ribs a neighbourhood needs, to look… well… really interesting! I know of a bunch of these places, tucked in between good, bad and indifferent older homes. Maybe you know of some, too. This is a bustling neighbourhood, so this research may require more than one walk. We walk past these fascinating buildings all the time but are too busy to notice. Now’s the time to have a look.

See you Sunday!

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