February: official WALKING month!


So what if it’s snowing? We’re still going!
Last week? Brrrrrrrrr! Maybe our coldest walk ever, but also a gorgeous day. We planned a couple of hours but, what with great conversation, beautiful sunshine, the need for photos and several pit-stops, the round trip was three hours (well spent, and in lovely company). We saw a number of infill and lane houses – and some other urban sights, too. Signs, street art, several moose, and even an historical plaque. Are we lucky to live here, or what?

If you missed this walk, we highly recommend you check out these interesting buildings. Here’s our map! Take a look around the city as you wander. Please do suggest some destinations for another house or lane walk. We’re all for it.

This slideshow is longer than usual. Want to see larger versions of the photos? Try enlarging your browser screen (often Command and + will do it.).

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And this week’s plan:

Sunday, February 01 2015

We’ve had some terrific walks, lately. Also a few re-runs of favourites (to be expected of course, since we’ve taken 80 walks together. So far!). (Good work, by the way!) Great new walks (and yes, repeats of faves) are ahead.

This week, a 10k walk. From point A to point B. And then point C. And back. These three locations have an ingredient in common. Any guesses in advance what that tasty aromatic ingredient might be? I’ll never tell. I can’t promise that any of these spots will be open for business, since we walk so early. But there is something great about that aroma, on the fresh morning air. Nope. I don’t mean coffee!

Just ahead: a bit more winter and then spring. We’ll take tree walks, green roof walks, share another dim sum brunch, go public sculpture hunting, explore more of our parks (including a distant transit to a walk in a different greenhouse!), visit the lake again (maybe in another part of town), and more.

And, as if you needed a reminder: walking is good for you. All of you! Haha – who knew? Check it out, here. For this link, I thank my mom! 


See you Sunday!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?
Welcome! You really should walk with us!

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