A chocolate walk; to market, to market…


SOMA truffles

SOMA truffles

Did you know that Toronto is a bit of a chocolate centre?

In our immediate neighbourhood, the cocoa scent wafting gently from the nearby Cadbury factory is sometimes even more thrilling than the thought of an actual chocolate bar! So, off we set, to see a few things chocolate.

First, Cadbury’s. Alas, they offer tours, but don’t offer tours. (I don’t understand either! But we’ll figure that out, sometime. Or perhaps they will!) Further west lies the former Neilson’s (now the Nestlé plant), which we did not visit, though we often pass it, en route to RailPath or High Park.

We headed south to our next chocolate destinations, past St. Anne’s Church. A bunch of us were seeing The Mikado there, so it was a current interest. As we had several out-of-town visitors along for the walk, we thought a look inside the church, with its beautiful historical murals, frescos and stained glass, would be a treat. We were lucky enough to enjoy the organist’s warm-up, and also delighted to see a beautiful stained glass window contributed by Sally’s great (-great?) grandparents, long-ago members of the congregation.

On the way there, we passed a couple more interesting infill homes (here’s a timely take on one of those – thanks to Sally for this link!). We then turned east on Queen and peeked into the window of Sweet Olenka’s. So – no photos of that stop. But I’m sure we’ll go back. (It all looks good!) We then enjoyed a chocolate building. (Seriously.) Found some intriguing poster art. Beautiful, cool, winter walk. You can follow our chocolate tour in the slideshow. It was fun. And, eventually… delicious! Thanks also to Beat and Myrtha for some excellent group photos – a great one is included here and I’ve added another to last week’s post.

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And this week’s plan:

Sunday, February 08, 2015: A little market walk. Let’s head over to Kensington Market and see every single shop there. Between College and Dundas, from Spadina over to Leonard. From soup to nuts. From bagels to burritos. New stuff to vintage. Boots to e-bikes. No need to bring a shopping bag – let’s just walk and look. For future reference! Then, in the summer, we’ll return for one of the Pedestrian Sundays, and compare!

See you Sunday!

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2 thoughts on “A chocolate walk; to market, to market…

  1. Great post Lori. Sounds like wonderful walks, last week and this. I am so glad that you were able to see St. Anne’s. It is really splendid. Give my best to everyone. I look forward to joining you mid-month. Marion

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