Spring. Any day now. Not today. But soon!


Walk this way!Sometimes a winter neighbourhood walk with good people can be a tonic. We saw people fighting the February blahs in a dozen ways, and had a chuckle over a few of them. Green lawn? Why not?! (Thanks, Sally!) Cover a house in dowels? Sure. It’s the Toronto way. Saw a couple more interesting “infill” homes. Really appreciated several mini-libraries. (What a great plan, she muses, considering how to participate in that.) We found an elephant (because we knew where to look), considered the tilting homes on Shaw Street, heard about a sad, heroic horse involved in medical research (a lane has been named in his honour). And more. Finally, we enjoyed a quick trip to a favourite area grocery – Fiesta Farms. One of the nicest shopping experiences in our part of town. Gorgeous produce, spring tulips, it smelled like someone was baking croissants (imagine!), and we each picked up a thing or two for dinner. They have about five dozen intriguing flavours of chips there, by the way. We managed to avoid those completely! Our Sunday morning? Nice!

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And this week’s plan: TWO TIMES the FUN!

Yes, this is a two-walk-weekend. Join us for either or both. Can’t wait!

Saturday, March 07, 2015 is the West End YMCA’s Megathon Day!
Please join me (I’ll be holding that sign in the photo up above) for an indoor track-walk of two hours. For those of us who are practiced winter walkers… this will be a breeze. (No quips about windchill factor, please.) Just sign up online, here. Then come to the West End YMCA’s front desk and sign up for our “Walkathon” activity. BRING DRY RUNNING SHOES! We’ll walk upstairs on the lovely track, from 2:00 – 4:00 p,m. TOMORROW! I hope you can join me for this very worthwhile fundraiser. Even if you have no time left to seek sponsors, you can chip in a little bit yourself and then walk (10k sound good?) to help us encourage and support health and fitness in our community. Much appreciated! (And I’d enjoy your company.)

Sunday, March 08, 2015: As a reward for all our winter hiking and slogging about on slushy and icy sidewalks, we’re going to the beach! This will be a longer walk. Bring TTC fare and maybe enough $ for a mid-day snack. We’ll head east, far east, to see:

  • an historical building
  • an inviting boardwalk
  • a rather nifty contemporary art installation
  • and maybe a bit of remaining ice on the lake, too
  • probably no beach volleyball (sorry)

Spring is on the way. So please join us for this last salute to winter. Several international artists will show us how they interpreted the call to imagine a winter use for the traditional lifeguard stand. Fascinated? The photos are cool and the reviews are all positive. This is going to be nifty.

We’ll head home by a different transit route, so after our beach and snack walk: an interesting tour of the city, too!

We should be back at the Y by around 2 p.m.


Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome! You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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