Busy week/Calm week

A DOUBLE Update:

What a week! Thanks for being part of the excitement of our terrific West End YMCA fundraiser, MEGATHON, on Saturday. And then our gorgeous bright sunny east-end beach dog conceptual sculpture brunch walk (whew!)… the very next day. So, to Megathon first: the “Outside-In” walkers took a 100-lap/10k fundraiser walk (in just under two hours!) and raised a large amount of money for the Y’s support of community memberships. What a pleasure to share that day. We helped out with Megathon registration in the morning, and then, in the afternoon, hopped onto the track. And walked in circles! Rather different from our usual walks. We had fun and time flew past, with each lap around the track. Luckily, someone special treated us all to a little rehydration, afterwards. (Thank you, Bill!)

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 As for our OUTDOOR walk:

What a glorious Sunday. We went to see the special beach art installations of imagined winter-use lifeguard stations. They were even more interesting than we’d hoped. Read more about them, here. It was a gorgeous day on the beach, and we shared it with a new friend and her delightful pup. Then enjoyed an excellent east-end brunch. Followed by a comedy of errors (and only three detours) to get home. We do know how to have fun!

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And this week’s plan: 

Sunday, March 08, 2015: After our incredibly busy walking weekend, last week, let’s take it easy this time. Despite the slightly warmer temps, spring is clearly in no rush! So we’ll save flower walks and such for another day. Another month. Another season! In the meantime, plenty of interesting places to walk and look, as we keep exploring our city. Let’s walk down Roncesvalles and admire the lake from the other side of town. Then we’ll walk back up again through Brockton, to see what we can find. We’ll see: fruit markets, old signage, new construction, blue skies. Great neighbourhood!


Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome! You should walk with us. See you in the morning!

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