Spring has sprung!


So, we took a walk last week! Nothing fancy – a grey day, nice people, interesting streets and windows. Walked south on Roncesvalles down to The Queensway intersection, and decided we’d save our next lakeside walk for another week (or three). Instead of crossing the bridge to the boardwalk, we wandered east along Queen (past a fascinating bakery!) and then up Brock (to see the future site of interesting lower-cost town homes). We parted ways and went on to our busy Sunday afternoons. Just right!

And this week’s plan…
Sunday, March 22, 2015: 

We’ll walk north to explore an interesting street currently under very active transformation. It’s been in the news a lot, lately, and has inspired many a conversation. We’ll consider its proximity to nearby rail tracks and hydro corridor. Cities rely upon transmission of goods and of hydro-electricity, but many of us then complain about the ways such transport and power-towers change our quality of life. So, let’s see what that looks like.

Would you be comfortable living beside a line of hydro towers? Or near the railroad tracks? Would you take your kids to play in a parkette built right under the iron “giants” or in view of commuter or transport trains? What are the positive aspects of such neighbourhoods? Interesting to consider.

Would you live in a changing, mixed-industrial/residential area? What do you think about mixing “uses” of such a neighbourhood even further? Maybe this is relevant to several of us, in several different ‘hoods, where noise or traffic or parking or height of new buildings are suddenly… concerns! What about adding working studios, late night clubs and event venues to a residential area? Let’s go look and think about all of this. Maybe the fact that the hydro corridor creates a bit of a meandering park in an affordable neighbourhood is a mixed blessing.

We all have thoughts about these issues. It might be interesting to see how one specific neighbourhood is changing and get a sense of whether changes (in general) are positive or problematic – or maybe just interesting challenges. Maybe we can consider what people should do, “instead.” Or maybe there are no answers. Yet. Join me to see the changing look of Geary Avenue. We can talk about it, or maybe we’ll all just quietly ponder the pros, cons and possibilities, as this walk provides us with food for urban thought.

Happy spring, everyone. More greenery, bursting bulbs, flowering shrubbery and many great walks ahead. Even, dare I say, picnics! Oops – I’m getting a bit ahead of the seasons here! Must be spring fever.

See you soon!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome! You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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