Along the other side of the tracks


Brave spring wanderers! Thanks for joining us last week for a look at changing Geary Avenue and environs. Plenty of food for thought there, and on the way: mixed-used neighbourhoods, late night hours, train tracks, hydro corridors used as parks, piles of salvage, half-finished renovations, quiet Sunday mornings… and wondering whether we should enter a private parking lot (or not!).

It was cold and bright and we enjoyed so many visual sparks to imagination: a cracked sidewalk leading to a gushing broken water main. People walking and playing with dogs in a park clearly labelled “No Dogs!” Artificial turf on someone’s rather optimistic front yard. Derelict houses, and some fresh infill townhouses. Theatre suppliers. Restaurants. Bakeries. Oh my. A few icicles. A few nifty tags. Weedy backs of old industrial buildings. Not a single train passing by. Plus – bonus – a kindly parking lot attendant who offered assistance (No sir, thank you, we’re not shopping for a used cab at 10 on a Sunday morn!) and definitely did not understand why on earth we so enjoyed looking at those old taxi bits, and the vines growing up the lot’s walls. (I admit – our explanations were, um, amusing.) And it all began when we thought we had misplaced one of our walking companions. (But all was well.) Ah, what would Sunday morning in Toronto be without all this fun?

And this week’s plan…
Sunday, March 29, 2015: 

What would spring be without flowers?
Hmmm, I guess that’s a riddle!
And yes, you guessed the answer: it’s Toronto!!!!
But seriously folks, spring will come. Really, it will. Someday.

Until then, let’s enjoy some flowers. This will be a three-hour trip, and you’ll need two transit fares. We’ll venture far west, to the adventurous edge of the TTC system, to our lovely green neighbour, Etobicoke, and indoors to enjoy fresh spring-y air at the Centennial Conservatory. The spring flower exhibit is set up and Easter flowers, too. This should be a beautifully scented experience! A little different from our old favourite, Allan Gardens. For instance: Centennial is home to fruit trees… and birds, including Angel, a white cockatoo.

We have a couple of return-trip possibilities, which we’ll discuss once we see the weather. It’s an interesting 5km walk from the park to Kipling subway station, so that would be my choice, if time allows. This is a Walking Club, after all. But if it’s horrible out, and people would rather hop back on the bus, fine. Either way, we shall transit back to arrive at the Y around noon.

This week, if you will be delayed, please phone or text me in the morning, so I can advise where to meet us. This bus route only runs every 30 minutes on Sunday, so we don’t want to miss it.

Sound good to you? Excellent. See you Sunday, at 9:00 a.m. sharp. We’ll walk immediately to the College/Ossington bus stop!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome! You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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