So much for my spring blooms idea, last week! But we had a great walk, despite that. We wandered north and west, scanning the neighbourhood for interesting sites, hoping for sunshine (alas) and evidence of spring (we saw a tiny bit of that, sort of). Kind of an amusing walk, actually. Lovely company on a crisp morning. Interesting to see a bit of reverse transition in the neighbourhood (see the photo captions, below, for a hint of that). One older building seemed to be a former residential school, now transformed into apartments. We think. Ah, this walk was all about transformation. How appropriate! The Easter egg hunt in the photos was one family’s solution to the rather grey day. This mom was pretty inventive. I guess her kids were little, because her hiding spots were verrrrry obvious. But really cute! I hope those kids had great fun discovering their treats.

And this week’s plan…

For Sunday, April 12 2015: 

Let’s go look at One Spadina to see how the transformation of this new home of the U of T’s Daniels Faculty of Architecture is progressing. We’ve passed this huge, Gothic-looking building and noticed hoardings and scaffolding. We did wonder what was happening. Now that we know what the enormous project will become, maybe we can catch a glimpse of some retained features, big changes, cleaning, or some intriguing mysteries. All this from the sidewalks, of course! (No hard hat required.)

This renovation project looks creative and ambitious. It will be another year or two before we start to see final results. They’re still in “phase 1” of the work, so maybe some original details will be visible. Plans and discussions indicate really interesting re-use of this lovely, 140-year-old U of T neighbourhood landmark, right in the middle of Spadina Crescent. Bring binoculars, if you are so inclined! (It’s tall!) Fascinating stories about this location abound. Feel free to look up one or two and bring them along to share.

Walking spring and summer fun ahead!  Cherry blossoms, Wychwood, Beaches, Little India, Leslie Spit, High Park zoo, Queen’s Park legislature, a Jane’s Walk or two, Doors Open Toronto, Ward’s Island Strawberry Social… and more! Brunches. Picnics. And yes, there will be blooms, eventually!

See you soon!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome! You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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