Most walks in one weekend


Wow. Four Jane’s Walks, and more. If you missed ’em, we missed you! One of us even missed a walk by mistake! (We’re sorry!) Anyone want to retrace our steps? Definitely worth your time. Many of these spots will be on our future walks.

For now, though, here are some photos and a Jane’s Walk link, for each walk (so you can see the routes).  I took an extra walk or two in there. Just to fit in a little exercise!

Our first Jane’s Walk of the year: Greenroof and Wall Tour. Lovely green look at the walls around us – and a special bamboo grove I’d wanted to visit for ages. (Didn’t realize it was so accessible.)

Next, a walk sharing the visual wonder of a new area in our downtown. Believe me, almost all of this was a surprise! Art and Parks Hidden Between Buildings. 11 out of 10! Go! Just go! We will certainly go again. Stunning!

Our third walk: even more thrilling. At 5:00 a.m. we headed into the darkness of High Park’s forests, from the Nature Centre. The highly anticipated Dawn Chorus Walk was the best walk I’ve ever taken, hands down. The mystery! The wonder! Join us, next year. (But don’t tell too many friends about it.)

Last walk of the weekend was really on our own turf. We didn’t expect any surprises and might not even have chosen this one, except that it was nearby and the timing was perfect. City by Heart took us through the Trinity-Bellwoods, Queen West and CAMH areas. It started out lightly, but ended on an interesting and serious note, with the history and redevelopment of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. A thoughtful way to end our excellent weekend of walks.

And this week’s plan…

May 10, 2015: 

It’s cherry blossom time. Let’s go to High Park – as we did last year – and celebrate the lovely spring tradition of strolling out to see the blooms. They’ve been out all week, so I hope our early morning visit will not be too crowded! See you at 9, to leave the Y on foot. Or meet us there, if you prefer (make sure you are in touch, so we can find you!). To make this a shorter morning, you could drive or take transit. I plan to take the streetcar home, as I have a busy Sunday afternoon. The forecast is warm! Summer walks ahead: Wychwood, Beaches, Little India, Leslie Spit, Queen’s Park, Riverdale Park, Doors Open Toronto, Kensington, Ward’s Island Strawberry Social, Scarborough Bluffs… and other spring, summer and fall things. Share your walk ideas. Care for some longer walks? Or more distant walks, to new horizons? (Shall we drive east for a Rouge Valley hike, for instance?) Let’s talk about it!

See you soon!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome! You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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