Doors Wide Open


pretty gate hides in shrubbery

Our walk to, into and through the lovely, private, historical neighbourhood of Wychwood Park was green, sunny, blooming, curious, aromatic and, in one brief case, a bit argumentative! The cranky tennis woman is probably still yelling at us (though we strolled past with only good intentions for her beautiful surroundings, so kindly shared, and her, um, happiness!). I guess she was just having a bad day. We were certainly not! Thanks to all for maintaining a sense of humour about that!

We loved our summery visit there.

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And this week’s plan…

May 24, 2015: 

Doors Open Toronto has already begun. Are you getting to any of the buildings or walks, today? If so, please let us know in the Comments below! Tomorrow, we’ll visit three spots. And maybe even more (if we can manage it!).

On the agenda, at last – after promising this for so long – is Spadina House! Can’t wait to share the house and the gardens and orchard together, tomorrow morning. Luckily, Doors Open starts there at 10, so we will be among the first in. You could take this opportunity to wear a snazzy sunhat, perhaps.

After that trip into a dwelling of the storied past, we’ll walk over to the High Level Pumping Station. This is a fascinating part of our city’s historical infrastructure, as well as a huge, interesting-looking facility. Since we are gradually visiting all the “Lost Rivers” of Toronto, it’s interesting to note that this building is located above the long-lost Castle Frank Brook. I’ve always enjoyed seeing the outside of this place. Let’s go look inside.

There are dozens more wonderful buildings open and we can visit a couple more. Might be nifty to see how the Canada Trust weather beacon works, for instance! I’d also love to drop in at Coach House Press, in a very special lane house. Definitely worth a visit for book lovers and Toronto architecture and lane-building fans, alike.

Let’s see how many things appeal. Starting with the first two. Up the hill we go, in search of history, orchards, and water!

Walks just ahead:

Kensington Pedestrian Sunday visit, Riverdale ArtWalk, the Mac and Cheese Fest! (any takers??) And lots more spring, summer and fall walking fun. Plenty to plan. Picnics, a brunch or two, and some excellent explorations to fit in while we have fabulous weather. Let’s talk about it!

See you soon!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome. You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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