Doors Open Photorama!


Did you miss this one? Oops! Definitely one of the great walks.

Doors Open Toronto offers many special opportunities and we took full advantage, visiting three terrific sites, and deciding that one other place (not on D.O.TO list) was also worth our time. We were a tiny group. That is: two happy walkers! We had a completely thrilling day! Even had barbecued hot dogs, in that famous, historic orchard. Beat that, would ya?

First stop, Spadina House Museum – a gorgeous house dating back as far as 1836 (now furnished in a 1920s manner) with a kitchen garden, an orchard, a beautiful lawn overlooking the city…


Next, over to the High Level Pumping Station. I do enjoy a little tech and machinery. This was a nifty chance to see an old-and-new part of the city infrastructure. Very cool!

We decided we could manage one more destination: Coach House Press! Posters of Canadian authors, old-school presses, bottles of ink, stacks of paper everywhere. Total disorder – in a wonderful spot! We were so glad we visited. Enjoyed heading up the creaky coach house steps to the little attic for a pop-up book sale.

Creative clutter… at its best! So many Canadian authors have published with CHP; this was a bit like visiting a shrine.

On the way back, we paid a short visit to St. Thomas’ Anglican church. The service was over, the organist was practicing, incense hung heavily in the air. We listened, and admired some of the stained glass. We were quiet, but the organist knew we were there (the magic of the rear-view choirmaster’s mirror). We really didn’t want to disturb her by wandering around so, after a brief stay, we headed home. If you’ve made it this far… you may be amused to learn that this entire walk took 5.5 hours.

Definitely not our usual Sunday morning stroll!

And this week’s plan…

May 31, 2015: 

Something new to us: Kensington Market Pedestrian Sunday! It starts at noon. We’ll leave the Y at 11:00 this week, instead of 9:00. (So, do sleep in. I certainly will!) We can check out whatever intrigues us. The garden car is planted and ready for the new season, artists and musicians will be on the street, a giant set of dominos promises some fun, and don’t forget the amazing lemonade at Urban Herbivore. There’s plenty of walking room and lots to admire. And it’s nearby. We’ll be home by 1:00. Rain is forecast. Bring an umbrella!

Walks just ahead:

Riverdale ArtWalk, the Mac and Cheese Fest, our annual strawberry tea on the island, and much more walking fun. Plenty to plan. Like a trip to the Rouge River! Picnics, brunch, and a few excellent longer explorations to fit in while we enjoy fabulous summer weather. Let’s plan!

See you soon!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome. You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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