What we missed? And more great stuff ahead!


Well, it had to happen eventually – I called in sick for walk! 😦

Starting to feel better now. Thanks to everyone who sympathized with my minor ailment! Walking with a stomach bug is not that appealing. On that rainy day, I wanted nothing more than cool water, electrolyte-replacing Gatorade (which, otherwise… no thanks!), and a good BBC series online. That, and a nap. Very recuperative! Sorry for the late cancellation, but Saturday morning, I knew Sunday was definitely not possible.

So, did any of you take a walk? Let us know where you wound up. Here’s a bit of what we missed, by not going over to Kensington’s Pedestrian Sunday. We’ll go another time, as it’s the last Sunday of every month, until October! Various things – music, art, dance, food and more –  each time. Can’t wait to enjoy it with you.

I hope you’ve had a terrific week, and are ready for some more walking. Because I have something interesting in mind. Off our beaten path, and not quite our usual type of event, either. (But I bet we’ll enjoy it, and will want to return next year. And try other similar events… )

So, enough suspense! Here’s this week’s plan…

June 07, 2015: 

We’re going to the Riverdale Art Walk. You’ll need return transit fare, and we might want to have a coffee or light brunch stop, too, if the day seems to suit that. One of our West End YMCA friends, Susan Farquhar, will be there, with her beautiful mixedmedia printworks. And so will 170 other artists. This will be a really interesting Sunday. We DEPART THE WEST END Y at 10:00 a.m. as the event begins at 11. After a stroll around the art fair, and a snack (or whatever we decide), we can walk partway back, and then transit the rest of the way home.

As always, please feel free to bring a friend!

And… a little favour: vote for my favourite tree!

It's true. I adore this old beech tree! Empress of the hill, overlooking the city.

The empress of Spadina hill keeps watch over the city.
I decided to enter this huge, strong, graceful beech tree (encountered on our Doors Open walk) in LEAF’s Great Toronto Tree Hunt. I think it’s one of the great ones.
Go here. Choose the VOTE tab. Search “empress of beeches”.
Then VOTE! That’s it. And thanks!
This tree deserves our admiration.

Walks just ahead:

What about the Mac and Cheese Fest? If anyone is keen, it is also happening THIS WEEKEND! My still-tender belly won’t allow such fun and frivolity, but it’s an easy hop across Queen or King, over to Liberty Village. Then, in a few weeks: our annual strawberry tea on the island. Soon: another LEAF-planned tree-walk, and much more walking fun. Plenty to plan. A picnic, a brunch, and a few excellent longer walking explorations to fit in while we enjoy fabulous summer weather.

See you soon!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome. You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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