Rain or shine

Time for another walk.
But first, a brief note about last week:


It was a slow walking day, with plenty of strolling, meandering and some transit-travel thrown in for good measure.

We met late, walked south, and hopped on an eastbound Queen streetcar. Arrived at Riverdale Art Fair in time for their sunny opening. We had a good walk around Jimmie Simpson Park’s array of artists, all under bright, white canopies. So much to see. Nice people. Some beautiful paintings, prints, photos and more. Some interesting thoughts. A bit of humour, too. It turned out to be a perfect day for looking and learning. It was especially good to visit Susan and see some of her current work. I loved her Dostoevsky Read piece, showing a reader, on the subway, perhaps surrounded by his thoughts.

After the sunshine and beauty, we strolled a bit further east for a tasty back patio brunch at L’il Baci. (“Let’s see if this place is good!”) (It was!) Then, more sun: we walked up to Gerrard, passing a beautiful schoolyard and mosaic, at the First Nations School of Toronto. And through part of Gerrard’s Chinatown area. (Yes, almond cookies.) We parted ways to head home via two different transit routes. A lovely way to share a big chunk of Sunday. Thanks, everyone!

This week, on June 14, 2015…

we shall walk in our own neighbourhood. No budget. No fancy plan. No lengthy schedule. We’ll start at the usual place and walk. Have a mapping app on your phone? Bring it! I have a design in mind for this walk, rather than a destination, and, while we’ll see plenty en route, we’ll see the path we’ve walked when we’re done! I hope it will amuse.

As always, please feel free to bring a friend!

And… a little favour:
If you haven’t yet, will you vote for my favourite tree?


Meet the empress of Spadina.
I suggested this strong, graceful beech tree (encountered on our Doors Open walk) for LEAF’s Great Toronto Tree Hunt. It’s one of the great ones.
Go here. Choose VOTE tab. Search “empress of beeches”. Then VOTE! That’s it. This tree deserves our admiration. So far: ten eleven votes!

Coming right up:

Like to plan ahead? Add these to your calendar:
June 21, a walk to Luminato’s Indigenous PanAmerican Food Fest
June 28, an Island escape, with Strawberry Tea and all the fixings. We’ll leave early and return home mid-afternoon, tired and happy! If a ferry trip, tea sandwiches, and a bit of jazz under the trees are all on your agenda for June… and if you like your strawberry shortcake with a big dollop of whipped cream… please save that date!
Later: another LEAF-planned tree-walk, a picnic, a brunch, a little patio coffee date, and a hike along the Rouge River… while we enjoy fabulous summer weather.

See you soon!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome. You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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