Countdown to 2nd anniversary!


In a couple of weeks, we’ll take our 100th walk… or thereabouts!
Congratulations are due to all of us:

  • for helping this club start
  • for enthusing
  • for participating
  • for bringing friends
  • for being friends…
  • and for walking (no matter how often!)

A festivity is in the works to celebrate our anniversary. In the meantime, a few nifty walks to enjoy!

Last week, because it poured rain, our delightful Island walk, with annual Strawberry Social, was cancelled. Sorry about that, everyone! But you know: a couple of us are die-hard rain-walkers. So off we wandered anyway, to explore our local area. Heather and I checked out part of RailPath, now a favourite, but were really distracted by the amazing progress they’ve made on the Lansdowne “UP/GO” commuter train station. Why, it almost looked… open!

We figured we’d better check! After all, it was raining. Why not head indoors for a bit? We tried the door, to no avail and were a bit disappointed, about to leave. Until a staff member exited and laughed. “Try the other door!” he said. Well, of course! In we went!

What an interesting station – several tracks, several buildings, sheltered waiting areas and platforms. Not sure we fully understood it all, but the open space and wonderful high windows make it very pleasant. We didn’t decide to hop on a train, no worries, but were glad we went. It’s not quite finished, so we’ll definitely return.

Our wander home took us along various neighbourhood streets. We saw a new selection of the Walk Here sidewalk flowers (we were on the other side of the street this time). And yes, we got soaked! (Umbrellas are silly things, really, on most rainy days.)


This week, on July 05, 2015…

Sunday’s weather, predicted, so far: hot and sunny. The usual recommendations: sunscreen, sunglasses, sunhat, cold water!

Many of you weren’t able to join us for the great CityPlace Jane’s Walk, so we’ll (re)visit a few of those interesting public sculptures and installations. We’ll walk across the Puente de Luz to see a few more outdoor pieces and places. I know you’ve seen photos, but until you’ve seen them in person, you ain’t seen nothin’!

One part mind-boggling, one part fun! (You’ll know which is which, I promise!)

And, after all, part of the goal is to enjoy a Sunday morning walk. We’ll head down Bathurst at a pretty good pace. After our wander south, we can return home by any group-suggested route. Something interesting you’d like to show us on the way? Great!

See you Sunday morning!

Coming right up:

And, later this summer: another LEAF-planned tree-walk, a picnic, a brunch, a little patio coffee date, and a hike along the Rouge River… maybe even a field trip a bit further away… while we enjoy fabulous summer walking weather. And yes, we WILL go to the Island!

See you soon!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome. You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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