French toast?

Time for another walk. And brunch in the park!
But first, about last week:


We went back to CityPlace. We’d enjoyed it so much before and wanted to share it with a few new walkers. Hot sunny morning. Stop at Elizabeth’s very beautiful gardens on the way there. Enticing cityscapes. Very cool public sculpture. Watching yoga in the park. What a great morning!

A few photos, from me, and from Jorge, too!

This week, on July 12, 2015…

we shall go to High Park. This is a city/forest/patio-brunch walk! We’ll walk there and back, so no transit fare is needed, unless you choose to TTC there or home. Brunch at the Grenadier Cafe is pretty reasonable, so bring a brunch budget. We’ll enjoy something delicious together, on their pretty back patio.

The weather may be lovely, but if it turns out rainy, we’ll sit inside. Near a window!

As always, please feel free to bring a friend! You can meet us there if you prefer. We expect to arrive around 10. Be in touch!

Coming right up:

As you know, we missed our Island tea party! So, do expect an Island trip in a few weeks.
Later: another LEAF tree-walk, a picnic, a special porch celebration, and a hike along the Rouge River. Isn’t summer wonderful?

See you soon!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome. You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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