Women of MISTery!

Let’s check out Kensington Pedestrian Sunday!
But first, about last week:


So, I made a terrible mistake! I thought a cool garden-oriented walk would be just the thing on a hot day. But one of those gardens was rather far away. And the other one was locked! Do we know how to have fun, or what? Ah well, it’s not that we mind a good walk. But even at 9:00, the sun was merciless. We were drenched in sweat by the time we arrived at our first stop, the lovely Rose Mist Garden, adjacent to the new Four Seasons condo at Yorkville Avenue and Bay Street. I thought the garden’s delightful mist feature (surprise!) might cool us a bit. But on such a hot day, there was no relief! Mind you, the mist was pretty, and kind of refreshing! So I recommend a visit to this park, sometime. I feel the park’s concept is a little skewed, though. The driveway of the soaring condo buildings is made of mixed colour bricks. After admiring for a bit, you realize that the checked pattern forms a trellis, and the colourful clumps around the edges are roses. Nice. Must be wonderful from up in the condos. Then, the “real” garden: arc-shaped paths sweep in the shape of a large rose. Neat idea (and, again, mostly only conceptual, from ground level, but likely gorgeous from above), but not sure why the greenery is not also roses? The shrubs chosen are fine, and are probably green all year, so, a good choice I guess. Finally, against one edge of this little park is what we sought: a tall steel wall with a pierced rose line-drawing… and a misting mechanism! You can walk along the grates below this rose-wall and enjoy the upward mist. It runs until 11 pm, for a few minutes at a time. And it won’t mist in the winter. The really strange thing is that this garden merely invites you to drop by. And then leave. It was definitely not designed for hanging around. There’s not a single bench! Pity. But clearly intentional.

Anyway, we didn’t cool down much but it was fun to enjoy the mist-ery. And, of course, we had to keep on trucking. I suggested TTC, but no one fell for that. (A hardy bunch: we never say stop!) On we marched, to the next planned garden stop (on College Street, near University Avenue)… only to find it locked! Very amusing mistake, there! Who knew you needed a security entry-pass on weekends??? (Not I!) Luckily, a kind-hearted woman noticed us and came downstairs to open the lobby doors. (“As long as you don’t mind me escorting you to the garden,” she said.) Pretty funny: I thought the last time I visited that garden was a Sunday. Maybe our Jane’s Walk group had special permission! But, thanks to our hostess on this Sunday, we were in. And we enjoyed the cool indoor bamboo garden before bravely heading back out into the heat! What a day.

And that’s why this week’s walk will be LATER and NEARBY!



This week, on July 26, 2015…

… we’re walking over to Kensington Market! It’s the last Sunday of the month and those are special days: Pedestrian Sundays! There will be artists, craftspeople and performers to see and visit, and plenty of opportunities to pick up fresh veggies (or a cold drink), too. Bring a shopping bag, if you like.
WE WILL MEET at 11:00 at the Y. SPECIAL LATE START TIME, since the Pedestrian Sundays begin at noon. We can dash through and dash home, or stroll around and stay as long as you like. Hat, sunscreen and water are highly recommended.

As always, please feel free to bring a friend! You can meet us there if you prefer – just let me know. Or look for us and say hi. We love a surprise!
Haha – maybe there will be MIST!!!

Coming right up:

So, due to rainy June weather, we missed our Island tea party! We’re going next week! Plan to bring a little picnic and we’ll enjoy the gardens and beaches and more! Can’t wait to get back over there!
Later: another LEAF tree-walk, a picnic, a special porch celebration, and a hike along the Rouge River. Ah, summer!

See you soon!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome. You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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