I love a parade.

Another interesting walk, just ahead.
But first, about our great walk last week:


The Island! We finally got back there, and what a day! Sunny, bright, not too busy. We took a lovely lagoon-side picnic break to talk of travel and nature. In all, our small enthusiastic group hiked and strolled over 16km. Nice! I enjoyed this thoroughly, though we didn’t dip a single toe in the lake. A wonderful day in the great outdoors. Have a look:

This week, on August 09, 2015…

How about something completely different? We’re starting our third year of walking, and that calls for more celebration. So what about a parade? York University artist-in-residence, Marlon Griffith, has created and curated what sounds like a stunning event, Ring of Fire. Without further ado, I say: let’s go, look, listen, and maybe follow along! This could be amazing!

Meet at the Y at 11, and we’ll walk over to Queen’s Park. The parade then heads down University to City Hall. We can revise plans, as we see fit, but I have a feeling we’re going to want to follow this parade wherever it goes.

As always, please feel free to bring a friend!

Coming right up:

A walk to Sunnyside beach, another LEAF-planned tree-walk, another trip to Kensington, a little patio coffee date, and a hike along the Rouge River… while we still enjoy fabulous summer weather.

See you soon!

Reading about us for the first time?

Welcome. Walk with us! See you in the morning!

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