As it turns out, I really do love a parade.

Sunday? Let’s walk to the beach!
But first, about last week:


Ring of Fire, as hoped, was one terrific walk. Event. Parade. Story. Eye-opener!

Marlon Griffith’s artfully curated walking, rolling collection of mas(querade), poetry, inclusiveness, history, colour, light, sound and urban cultural celebration took over University Avenue (once it got started) for only a short time. And all in one southbound lane! Then, it ended in a circle, in Nathan Philips Square. Every minute was wonderful.

A great walk, and an excellent reminder to EXPLORE! A short video about Ring of Fire, here. And a good review of the event, here. What a special day!

This week, on August 16, 2015…

We’ll walk south and west to visit Sunnyside Beach. Join us to cross the bridge at the bottom of Roncesvalles and  take a little sandy stroll. We leave at 9, and will return by 11. Bottle of water: highly recommended. It’s going to be a hot day!

As always, please feel free to bring a friend!

Coming right up:

Soon: another LEAF-planned tree-walk, another trip to Kensington, a little patio coffee date while we still enjoy fabulous summer weather.

See you soon!

Reading about us for the first time?

Welcome. Walk with us! See you in the morning!

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