It’s not fall until summer’s over

Walking time!
But first, about last week:


So much to do. And see. And still plenty of summer weather (apparently) to accommodate those plans.

A couple of die-hard summer walkers braved the midday sun and heat for another neat visit to Kensington Market.

Shop windows, walkers and dogs and kids, interesting things to see at the Art Fair, and more. Art, jewellery, pottery, gadgets, weaving, dolls, mossy birdhouses and more were displayed under cool white canopies.

We capped off the visit with an amazing lobster roll at Thomas Lavers (see photo – and try not to drool – click any picture for carousel view of larger images). This stuffed-full, buttery roll might even have been better than last time! (But don’t get the wrong idea that we often go out for lobster, okay?) We tried a small sample of their house-made ginger beer. It was fabulous enough to prompt speedy purchase for home use. And it was promptly enjoyed enough to have me planning my next ginger beer shopping trip.

And, it is summer, you know. So, we needed to stay cool. Best method we could determine for that? Enjoying a scoop or three of Sweet Olenka’s ice cream. (As if an excuse were needed.) Excellent! Too good to photograph, actually. (Thank you, Heather!)

This week, September 06, 2015:

We’re going to explore some of the stories of our immediate surroundings. While walking last week, we noticed this sign:

Spotted on way home: interesting option for a walk. Or two.

This seemed like it could lead to something interesting. The url revealed a great web-resource about the Harbord Village area. It’s full of history and stories about the various waves of immigration to this neighbourhood, our diverse city, and more. We’ll locate several of these StoryPosts and listen. You can also hear the stories online. Curious? Click the image for a larger photo and follow the link in the photo.

Please join us for a great morning. If you haven’t walked with us in a while, c’mon along! I know my weather warnings are often thwarted by actual meteorological happenings, but let’s just say that it’s supposed to be a very hot day!

Please feel free to bring friends for this neighbourhood ramble.

Coming right up:

Ahead: Dragonboats (on a special day: Saturday!), Cabbagetown Festival, maybe a bit of BOFF (that’s the Bloor-Ossington Folk Festival!), a snack or a polka at Roncesvalles’ Polish Festival, and music and eco-smart-stuff as part of David Suzuki’s Homegrown Park Crawl. Fall is a great time to walk in T.O.

But I know: it’s not really fall yet!

See you soon!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome. You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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