Yet another fall festival?? Yes!
But first, about last week:


Well, the Roncesvalles Polish Festival certainly gets our vote: an enthusiastic “Yes!” We enjoyed a sunny day, plenty to see, interesting people to meet, cool information, some wonderful food, and a decent walk, too.

Click on any photo for large carousel view. Thanks to Jorge, Heather and Marion… and Avi Lewis… for the photos. My phone camera really annoyed me and did not cooperate that day!

Thanks for sharing a great walk in the lovely late summer weather. And thank you, too, for not trying to share my pierogies! 😉


This week, September 27, 2015:

We’re taking the Park Crawl. Meet at the Y at 11, and we’ll head down to Trinity-Bellwoods Park. This event is scheduled for noon until 6:00 p.m., and I predict I’ll want to enjoy it until about 4:00. Or until I get sick of standing and slow walking! You may join us, meet us there, meet us along the way, stay for the whole thing, or drop in and then leave early: it’s entirely flexible! While there, we can walk, learn, listen and snack. We start by heading to Trinity-Bellwoods for a little exploration. Then we march (I’m not “crawling!”) up through Fred Hamilton Park and Bickford Park, all with musical accompaniment. (It should be amazing! I was very sorry to miss most of the music, last time.) We end up at Christie Pits, for more food booths, featuring local and neighbourhood purveyors of snacks and treats, more music, and even an Arts Crawl. (I won’t mention the beer and wine.)

If you’re interested in sampling, they ask that we bring our own mugs and plates. Actually, not a bad idea, since that type of event can create an awful lot of garbage. And ecology is the whole point.

I think I will consider this a chance to have something interesting for brunch. Again! So, I purchased some early bird food tickets. I’ll be very happy to share them! They usually sell out.

As always, please bring friends to enjoy the day with us.

Other great things happening, this weekend:

If you’re not joining us for the four-parks-fiesta, maybe you’ll want to head back to Kensington Market for the second-last Kensington Pedestrian Market of the year? Haven’t been yet? Give it a try – we’ve already enjoyed it a couple of times!

And if you’re not doing anything on Sunday night, the full-moon, harvest-moon, super-moon FULL LUNAR ECLIPSE may really be something to watch. Check times at the link and get out your tripod!

A little fun news: Heather won the previous contest! I asked if anyone could locate this mural and she knew right away. As a matter of fact, I heard from her within about fifteen seconds of posting! She quite humbly declined the reward, as she felt the challenge was just too easy! If you don’t know where those painted sayings are, ask Heather. (And go have a look.)

Ready for the next challenge? The correct answer to this could merit a hot mulled cider, I think (it’s fall, after all).

So, where does this little “birdie” grace a fence?

Where is this cheerful, colourful spray-paint “bird” ? Look around and let us know!

Coming right up:

Fall colours are just ahead but, in the meantime, it’s still sunny and warm. And anytime is a good time to walk in TO. More great walks, coming right up! Our long-promised trip Tommy Thompson Park (that’s right, the Leslie Spit) is back on our list! That will be a full day of walking, photography, picnicking and transit. Quite an adventure! I can’t wait.

Other thoughts, suggestions, requests? Do tell!

Next week, I’ll be away. But I will still suggest something great. Please stay tuned!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome. You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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