Playing hookey!

More fall walking fun, soon.
But first, about last week:


Jorge and I walked south to Trinity-Bellwoods Park, to catch the start of this year’s (third annual) HomeGrown National Park Crawl. We looked, listened, snacked. We took a peek at a former home of his. We enjoyed visiting Sanko, while waiting for the festivities to begin. (Never been there? Go! Corner of Queen and Claremont – a family favourite.) It was a gorgeous day and people, kids, dogs, even some sweet-16 birthday picnickers were enjoying the park. So we did, too.

After a bit of sun, Jorge headed home, and I enjoyed the park on my own for a bit. The music was terrific. The icy drinking chocolate was great! Then the music ended, another band began, and off we marched: north through three other parks. I quickly texted my favourite lumberjack and asked him to meet me for the walking, the fun and… to help me use up the rest of the food tickets, once we got to Christie Pits, the fifth park on the crawl. The rest of the day was terrific! I hope you’ll join me for this, next year.

Click on any photo for large carousel view.

Yes, the pizza was worth the wait!
How I felt, after the wonderful afternoon:

love letter to TO - ✓

love letter to TO – ✓

Still haven’t decided where to leave this love letter.

This week, Sunday, October 4, 2015:

I can’t join you for a walk this week, but I hope you’ll meet at the Y at 9:00 and enjoy a walk together. It should be a great day for a neighbourhood wander. Maybe you’ll discover something we can share again later. Maybe you’ll spot that little bird I mentioned last time! (If so, please text me, pronto, with photo-proof! :-))

As always, please bring friends along, anytime, to enjoy the day.

There are dozens of other great things happening, this weekend, so I hope you’ll get to some of them. Or enjoy some excellent family time. Or read a great book.

ART! MUSIC! CRAFT! FILM! AMAZING FOOD! If you can’t think of something to do, I suggest you grab some friends and check out Nuit blanche. You don’t have to stay up all night – just pick a couple of destinations and see what happens. The event always offers work to consider and thoughts to provoke! If you find anything fun, or truly terrific, take a photo. Tell us about it!

Coming right up:

Fall colours are just ahead. Cooler weather, too. I’m eager to get out scarves, gloves and three layers of sweaters! Before the bright days fly past, let me invite you to bring a picnic and share a Thanksgiving adventure, NEXT WEEK: we’ll finally take our long-promised trip to Tommy Thompson Park, a.k.a. the Leslie Spit, for a Sunday of serious walking, nature- and cityscape-photography, picnicking, good company, and a bit of cross-town transit. Quite an adventure! I can’t wait.

For a LATER trip – as agreed last year – we’ll return to the Island for a fall viewing of leaves, water, and birds. We can walk and enjoy a picnic view out over the lake, or in onto one of the lagoons. That Island visit may just be a couple of hours, as weather dictates. We enjoyed it so much last year, so let’s try it again, in three or four weeks? Here comes fall!

Other thoughts, suggestions, requests? Do tell!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome. You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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