Let’s take a real hike…

A bit about that hike in a moment…
But first, about last week:

You may recall that I said I’d be busy at a conference, and that I hoped you might walk anyway.

So, how did that go? Any photos to share?? Send ’em! I’m happy to share them here, anytime.

Alas, my busy weekend turned into a sleep-session, trying to get rid of a miserable cold. Not the end of the world, but I was sorry to miss my weekend plans. On the plus side, I caught up on some rest.

All’s well now, so this weekend, let’s do something we’ve talked about for months! Here’s a hint:


This week, Sunday, October 11, 2015:

Yes, Happy Thanksgiving! You probably recognize that the map above is the wonderful and adventurous Tommy Thompson Park, the good old “Leslie Spit.” And we’re going! At last!!

This year, for a fabulous fall picnic hike, we’ll meet at 9:00 a.m., as usual, and hoof it to transit. Wear layers, bring hat, shades, water and, importantly, your picnic lunch. (There is no snack bar, friends. I’m not kidding.) (But, yes, there are washrooms.) We’ll walk, even at the beginning and end of the trip, to get to and from transit. This one will satisfy the real walker in you! (After all, we are a walking club.)

Please, do wear good walking shoes and reasonable socks. No sandals!!!!! (of any kind!!) The paths there can be gritty. For a short walk, no big deal, but for several hours, not a great plan. I sadly tell the tale of the time I walked out to the end in Birkenstocks, on a hot, dusty day… and then realized I might not be able to walk back. Yike! I didn’t even have anyone to complain to. Not that they would have been able to walk for me. Haha – swimming home might have been more practical! Anyway, I was loving the walk and felt just fine, but with sweat and dust, my feet were raw. This is no barefoot-friendly trail, so I bit the bullet and walked anyway. Little choice. It was not fun. (But note that I still tell glowing tales about that walk.)

We’ll need return transit fares. The hike out to the tip of the spit is an adventure. We’ll pass amazing nature views, harbour sights, cityscapes. Jaws will drop. You might want a camera. You might want binoculars, too (though I find them exhausting to carry).

Our cross-town trip will take an hour. We’ll walk a bit to the park entry. The hike to the lighthouse and back, including picnic break, could take three hours. Then, back home, maybe by a different route. We can be back in our part of town by 3:00 p.m. Depending on transit choices, you may be able to get to your own place more quickly.

Please join us, particularly if you’ve never walked out on the “spit.” I’ve been twice, and it’s a wonderful, fascinating place. And a terrific break from what we usually think of as our city.

As always, please bring friends along, to enjoy the day. This is going to be amazing.

Coming right up:

More great walks (not all so long!). Leaves are starting to change colour. Can you think of some spectacular streets or parks to visit for a leafy look-around?

Soon, we’ll return to the Island for a fall viewing of leaves, water, and birds. We can walk and enjoy a picnic view out over the lake, or one of the lagoons. The Island visit may just be a couple of hours, as weather dictates. We enjoyed it so much last year, so let’s try it again, in a few weeks? Get ready for fall!

Thoughts, suggestions, requests? Please share!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome. You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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