Sunny and cool

I know: the title sounds like us!
But first, about last week:


A few of us went to the Island. The Islands. We had a meditative exploration of trees, waves, cats, houses, views. And a picnic, too. Not quite as festive as last year’s larger and sunnier Thanksgiving Island walk (a bit chillier!), but we explored completely different places and things. We agreed that the view from the east end of Ward’s Island is nifty, that Snake Island would be a great place to camp… as long as there aren’t really many snakes, that an island makes an interesting place for cats to roam free, that some unusual maritime activity may be taking place just west of Toronto, that our islands host a few plants and some beautiful cottages that the city just can’t imitate, and that a sunny day with clouds and a view of the lakeside and city skyscraper skylines are terrific things to share.

(Also, a couple of Harbord Bakery cookies don’t hurt the mix!)

You can join us, next time. The plan for our next trip across the bay: winter! I’m aiming for a snowy day on the beach.

Click on any photo for large carousel view.


This week, Sunday, October 25, 2015:

A short, brisk walk. I hear it’s going to be sunny. But why trust the forecast? Let’s see for ourselves. Meet at the usual time and we’ll see a couple of neighbourhood landmarks. We will return to the Y before 11:00. Really!

It won’t be the same without you! Walk with us – and bring friends, if you like. (We like!)

Coming right up:

Well, for one thing: more fall colour. We’ll see some this week. Lots more ahead!


Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome. You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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