To Bracebridge or bust!

Isn’t Bracebridge a bit far?
Why, yes, it is!

But first, about last week:


I left my place at a running clip. There’s just something about a time-change weekend. I actually got up an hour early, by mistake. Enjoyed a lazy breakfast (Red River cereal, with fruit and nuts), caught up on email and… suddenly noticed I was then running late! One is never too late to snap a photo of beautiful fall leaves on the porch, though:


What a gorgeous fall day for a walk. We wandered up and down several streets in the Harbord Village area and looked for the StoryPost signs. We found most of the ones we were seeking. There are 24 stories on the website, where members of the community remember and discuss what Harbord Street area was like, when they were growing up. Some interesting historical bits, some sentimentality, and a nifty way to consider the evolution of a neighbourhood.

We learned a couple of other amusing things, too. We were attempting to hear the stories on my phone, and the volume ain’t great! If you head out to do this, remember that light Sunday morning traffic is actually noisier than you might think. And… a rolled up magazine makes a very useful amplifier! (Thanks, Elizabeth!)

It’s tough to fit all 24 stops into one walk, unless you really bustle past quickly. But we actually skipped others (this time) while seeking the eight I’d chosen. We’ll definitely look for the rest of them. If you’re out walking, and spot one of the distinctive white and yellow signs, and you have a data phone, go to the website or use the QR code, and have a listen. Or maybe just listen to them on your computer at home, and then head out for a walk, to see what the neighbourhood folks were talking about.

As you’ll see in the pictures, we encountered a bunch of other signs, too. That’s just one of the ways our neighbourhood provides great content! We had a terrific morning. And that refill of tea mentioned in the song (see all-yellow sign in photo, below)? Some of us had that, too.

A couple of our walking friends were away (walking elsewhere – canyoubelieveit? – or just recently back). They share some great walking photos here, too. Enjoy!

Click on any photo for large carousel view. Yes, all text in the signs is visible that way! 🙂


This Sunday, November 08, 2015:

Time for another walk. All the way to Bracebridge.

Okay, don’t worry! We won’t do it all in one shot!

Here’s the plan: The West End YMCA’s Megathon fundraiser event is approaching, in early March. By then, we’ll have walked many, many kilometres. Watch the running total right here, as we make our way north! (So to speak.)

Bracebridge is our goal because it’s a pretty place. Okay, I really chose it because it’s 198 kilometres away! So we’ll aim to walk about 10k each Sunday (sometimes more, sometimes less). I’ll keep track and we’ll save the last 10 or 15k walk for Megathon/MEGAWALK day, so we can show them all what we’re made of! (And so we can finally reach Bracebridge – haha!!) I hope you’ll join me for as much of that as you like. The walking amounts counted will include every group walk we take, no matter how many of us are able to make it each week, no fear! We can even talk about how far we’ve gone… and what we might see there.

But as for our initial MEGAWALK jaunt, let’s get started. Think “travel” and we will walk down to the Billy Bishop Airport!

Yep, you guessed it. We’re visiting the tunnel. Now, if I can do this, you can do it. Deep breath, and over we go! Of course, unless you have a ticket, you can’t go any further than the airport. But it seemed like it might be an interesting thing to see. We’re all aware of the pros and cons (of the airport itself, and the tunnel, too). Let’s take a look and consider all the angles. Good conversation starter!

As always, please bring friends to enjoy the morning with us.

Coming right up:

More fall weather ahead. Leaves are falling, and the city is beautiful. Some public sculpture, anyone? Okay!

Soon enough: back to Brookfield to see progress on those amazing snowflakes? Over to Allan Gardens for cider and shortbread? Yep!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome. You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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