Up and back

Last week: bright and cheery.
This week, cool and dreary?


Our current total: now we’re another 15.9 kms closer to Bracebridge!

A couple of us took a walk through part of Parkdale and up Roncesvalles, seeing buildings, homes, the lake. Then we headed back via Bloor Street. We’d planned to read a bunch of historical plaques, but the first few were on the wrong side of the street and then… we gave up and enjoyed looking around. It was an excellent sunny morning.

The mileage looks high, and is, because after that great walk and conversation (thank you, Mary!), I walked over to the Annex to meet another walking friend for the Santa Claus Parade. This was the first time I’d watched it in about 35 years. Back then, I lived right along the route, on St. George Street, so it was an easy walk down to see the parade. On that first viewing, I was completely under-dressed for the cold day, and was miserable for the entire length of the parade.

This time, my friend and I decided we were there to see and hear the bands, and the marching brass, drums, pipes and more, were terrific. And I was over-dressed! Gradually, we removed gloves, scarves and even coats. It felt like the end of summer.

The parade can be a nifty thing to watch, but I may not do that again for another 35 years. (Clearly, I have high hopes for the health that all this walking brings!)

Here are a few parade photos, just for fun:

Click on any photo for large carousel view.

This Sunday, November 22, 2015:

Let’s add more kilometres to our distance. By March, we’d like to have walked the equivalent distance to Bracebridge. The more we do now, the less we need to walk on those wintry days, ahead.

Watch for info here, in the next month or so, about that Bracebridge or Bust! MEGAwalk. We hope you’ll sign up, get a few pledges, and join us for the grand finale (walking any remaining kilometres, around the Y’s cozy indoor track!) on March 05. In the meantime, we accumulate distance!

This week, let’s head up the RailPath again. It’s been awhile since we walked up the path, and it will be interesting to see new construction, renovations and more, along with the fall leaves. Just a nice straight line walk, for a change. We can zigzag home, if you like!

As always, please bring friends to enjoy the morning with us. And bundle up!

Coming right up:

Soon: a bit of public sculpture, downtown.

In a few weeks, we’ll return to Centennial Conservatory. This time we’ll see their lovely seasonal display of plants and enjoy mulled cider and shortbread. Yes!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome. You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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