City lights

We’re decorated for winter. Have a look!

Lovely angels of Grace Street

About last week:

We had a great walk, and we’re another 9.6 kms closer to Bracebridge.

Three of us enjoyed the morning sunshine and a return walk up the RailPath, past the UP train station, and more, and home again along Dupont. It was a beautiful day for walking and exploring. We achieved our distance goal (nearly 10 km) and celebrated with a little treat at FOOL Café. Delicious.

Click on any photo for large carousel view.

This Sunday, November 29, 2015:

Let’s add more kilometres to our total distance. By March, we hope to have “walked to Bracebridge.” (Yes, we’ll choose somewhere more exotic, next time!) For now, the more we walk, the less we need to walk on wintry days, ahead.

More info here, soon, about our Bracebridge or Bust! MEGAwalk. We hope you’ll sign up, get a few pledges, whip up some enthusiasm, and join us for our grand finale (walking the remaining kilometres, around and around the Y’s cozy indoor track) on March 05. In case you can’t join us, and want to pledge a donation to the West End YMCA’s major fund-raiser of the year, I’ll share a link, shortly. In the meantime, we accumulate distance, and would be pleased by your company, your support… or both. More distance, this week:

Let’s head downtown, past the Grace Street angels, to the Hudson’s Bay Christmas window displays, and then, to Nathan Phillips Square, to see trees, lights and skaters. I hope we’ll find that the decorations are just as festive, by daylight!

Coming right up:

An evening walk! If you can, join us for a great casual dinner out, this Thursday night. Please be in touch so we can coordinate our arrival there. After our meal, we’ll stroll back to this neck of the woods. Maybe we’ll even pass more Christmas lights.

Next Sunday, I’ll be away, but I’ll suggest a great walk for you. Stay tuned for that – it’s a group favourite! There’ll be a later start.

The following week, we’ll return to Centennial Conservatory and take a brisk park hike back to the subway. We will plan a later transit start to that trip, too.

Soon: back on schedule with an early morning walk to see more public sculpture. Then, another time, a cool hike to another tasty brunch.

New ideas? Bring them along!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome. You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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