A tale of two gardens

City decorations.
And… an evening out!

About this past week:

Two contrasting walks, and we’re now another 18 kms closer to Bracebridge.

First, on Sunday, three of us headed out to explore a bit of Christmas decor in our hood and then a bit more, downtown. Amusing to do that in the sunlight, but we enjoyed it. What a great walk. And a nice café break near the end, too.

Then, on Thursday night, nine of us met for dinner and a bit more walking. It was great to visit Govinda’s finally (!) and enjoy some curry and other treats together. Delicious! Thanks to Nilla and Skylar for introducing us to the whole experience.

It was a chilly evening, and most had an early start the next day, so only one person walked home. (The one calculating the mileage, naturally!) I had a great time in excellent company, at dinner, but also enjoyed the wander west along Bloor. I saw a few early Christmas lights, too. Starting with my favourite: the Korean BIA’s beautiful tiger. Also, some very pretty jumbles of coloured lights. What an excellent evening.

Click on any photo for large carousel view.

This Sunday, December 06, 2015:

Let’s add more kilometres to our total distance. By March, we shall easily have walked (the distance) to Bracebridge. The more we walk, the less we need to walk on wintry days, ahead. So far, so good – this is a very manageable distance!

More info here, soon, about our Bracebridge or Bust! MEGAwalk. We hope you’ll sign up, get a few pledges, whip up some enthusiasm, and join us for our grand finale (walking the remaining kilometres, around and around the Y’s cozy indoor track) on March 05. If you can’t join us, consider a pledged donation to the West End YMCA’s major fund-raiser of the year. I’ll share a link, shortly. In the meantime, we accumulate distance, and would be pleased by your company, your support… or both.

I can’t join you this week! A festive family event out of town calls, and I’ll be gone all day. I’ll miss our walk, but I suggest that you walk anyway. You can meet at the Y at 11:00, take the streetcar east to Jarvis Street, and enjoy the WestWalking gang’s third annual visit to Allan Gardens’ lovely Christmas flower event. Couldn’t join us on  one of our past visits? I think yule love it. Hot cider, home-made cookies, and more. Usually: carollers, a horse-drawn carriage, and more topiary, paper-whites, poinsettias and Christmas cacti than you can shake a peppermint stick at! (Plus the glorious desert room, the orchids, the palms and so much more.)

It’s a good walk back from there, along Bloor or Carlton or Dundas. All interesting! I hope someone will let me know if you do go! Keep track of your walking distance, and send me a few photos? I’ll post them next time. Excellent!

Coming right up:

The following week, we’ll return to Centennial Conservatory. A few of us went in the early spring and loved it. It has a different feeling than the gorgeous glass Victorian Allan Gardens houses (Centennial is newer, has a bit more elbow room, and hosts a very friendly cockatoo!). If you’ve never been, join us then. Yes, more cider and cookies. What could be more of an enticement? We’ll take a brisk park hike back to the subway. More on that in a week. I’ll see you then!

Lots more ahead.

New ideas? Bring them along!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome. You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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