Sorry. Pancakes!

I always have the same thing for brunch…
But this time I didn’t.

About last week:

My total walk was 10.8 kilometres. Nice! I walked alone along Dundas to High Park, to meet Louise, who was driving there. But waiting to be seated for brunch, I found that Nilla was already there! Excellent! Louise arrived shortly and we shared a tasty meal (see comment above and photo below), and some wonderful conversation. It turns out that brunch for three is just as terrific as brunch for ten. (But we did miss the rest of you. :-)) Two hours flew past, and suddenly, it was time to leave.

Have a look at a bit of what I saw on the way there, and… pancakes! There was more walking involved, to head home via Bloor Street, so all calories consumed were swiftly and neatly converted into energy expended. (Really!) I note my own distance here because I was the only one to walk from, and back to, the Y. And I enjoyed every pancake-powered step!

As always, click on any photo above for carousel of larger images.

This Sunday, January 23, 2016:

Meet at the Y at 9:00 a.m. While the trees are still bare, we can catch an interesting higher-level view of the city without even taking an elevator. We’ll admire the downtown towers and lake view from a hillside school ground, just north of us, on Regal Road. It’s a nice walk there, some of it uphill. Mind you, the reward for that is a comfortable stroll home, you guessed it – downhill! I didn’t plan it that way. It’s just the result of a very, very old glacier-dragged lakeshore… in what we now think of as mid-town. Bring a camera, if you like skyline shots. Let’s share photos afterwards, and compare what we each see. If we’re lucky, the sky will also provide some interest.

Coming right up:

In February, we’ll certainly return to see Winter Stations, on Kew Beach and thereabouts. The new installations look amazing. I hope there will be snow. Remember that last visit? Wow! We may transit over there on February 14 or 21. More on that, soon.

Again, some Megathon details, as I know some of you may wish to participate, in one way or another. Great! I don’t want to be a pest about this, so do let me know if you have questions. And I’ll leave mentioning it again until the event gets closer! For now, if you want to organize: Visit the website. Sign up online as a Megathon participant, team-member, fundraiser, or donor. Then register at the Y’s front desk to walk (or bike or whatever… ) in our March 5 event. (I can take care of desk-registration for you, if you’ll let me know.) In order to join our walk, you should make your own Megathon donation page or join our Megathon team page. Search under Participants / Westwalking. You can also re-use your page from any previous year, if you can still sign in. You’ll do a bit of fundraising, if you like (seek pledges or make a small donation yourself – if either is comfortable for you). Our team page is still a work in progress. You may join and/or contribute there, anytime… or you can sign in and organize individually. Either way, you have my thanks and the YMCA’s gratitude for participating, in whatever way you like. There’s plenty of info on the website. Be sure to read about Megathon’s fundraising goals. It’s a worthy community contribution!

Details: Our final lap of MEGAWalk: Bracebridge or Bust! will occur Saturday, March 5, from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. Last year, we had no trouble rocking the walking 10k in two hours. It was an excellent workout, on our cushioned indoor track. I hope we’ll have about that same amount remaining, to reach our “Bracebridge” total. We can do it!


In the meantime? A lovely view of our city. See you Sunday!
To several of our walking friends who are travelling, we wish you wonderful journeys. Care to share a photo or two, here?


Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome. You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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