South, to Inuit carvings

We’re going back to the beach!
But first, here’s what we saw last week:

Three walkers turned south to discover and enjoy the TD Bank’s collection of Inuit sculpture. Located in the Wellington Street lobby and mezzanine, the Gallery of Inuit Art is open every day, with free admission. It’s a beautiful collection. On Sunday morning, the large glass balcony full of detailed stone pieces of history is quiet and the representations of the artists’ lives, myths, and traditions are compelling. I’m so glad we heard about this, and visited. We enjoyed a few lovely things on the way, too. And we easily walked 9.4 kilometers, that morning.

Click on any photo below to see larger, carousel-array of all. But, sometime, do go and see the sculptures in person.

This week, Sunday, February 28, 2016:

❄ The eastern beaches. ♒♒♒
Winter Stations, 2016.
❅ Seven brand new lifeguard-station-based structures-of-fantasy.
Here’s a little teaser: one is a sauna, and one has a fire pit! Just try to keep us away!

This year, these installations have received even more press, so we will leave at 9, to get there early-ish. Bring transit fare and a little budget, as we plan to brunch at Sunset Grill again.

They say the weather will be warm, but use your own judgement, that day. Better to remove thin extra layers than to be too cold at the breezy beach.

Joining us over there? Let me know that morning, and we’ll figure it out! So far, the plan is: Queen car there (to Harris Water Filtration Plant), and Carlton car back (from Gerrard). Let’s see what the day brings!

Coming right up:

MEGAWalk: To Bracebridge or Bust!!!
By next Saturday, March 5, we’ll have only 10km left to walk, in our 200km-total challenge. Are you ready for this? Will you join us on the track for our victory laps? (All 100 of them!) If so, register online, and then sign up for our specific event at the West End YMCA desk (or I can do that last part for you). Easy. Yes, others may join us for that culminating walk. Great! Or just come up to the cozy, warm indoor track to do a few metres with us and celebrate our excellent work! No pressure.

We’ll also have a brief, informal Sunday morning walk that week(or all of us die-hard Sunday morning walkers). More on that, later.

Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome. You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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