Sunny winter day at the beach

MEGAwalk is almost here…


But first, about last week:

Winter Stations. The theme this year was Freeze/Thaw. We had a sunny day.  Not so much “freeze”! Streetcar trip there, along Queen. Met there by friend with delightful dog (at two walks, he’s now an honourary Walking Club member). Then met by two more matching dogs! And lots of other smiling faces and wagging tails. Interesting installations along the waterfront (not all surviving our windy weather, but still, great to see). Splashing waves. Good company. And did I mention the sunshine?

Can't. Resist. Beach.

Can’t. Resist. Beach.

Then we went for brunch. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we lost track of time. Most of us took a meandering walk uphill to Gerrard for the Carlton streetcar home. An excellent morning.

Comparing the novelty and beauty of these installation entries to last year’s may not be fair, but this discovery walk was as much fun. I admit I missed the packed white snow and carved lakeshore ice of last March. And a few of last year’s lifeguard stations were quite thrilling. But I did especially like this year’s Sauna and Floating Ropes. We were all sorry to see that Aurora Borealis had taken such a beating. The tangled tubes were un-spinnable (just too lightweight for the wind), so we weren’t able to enjoy the promised light effects. I hope someone with patience will unsnarl it all.

If you visit Winter Stations, let us know what you think. We missed one lifeguard station! Architect Douglas Cardinal, created The Fire Place. At the far east end of the beach, I guess we should have walked just a bit further. For some other interesting photos of all (including the one we missed, and a couple of the works in slightly better shape… and inside “the belly”!) visit here.

Anyway, it was a great walk. Have a look, and do join us next year. I hope Ozzie will be there again, too.

We walked 8.5 kilometres. Almost there!

This Saturday, March 05, 2016:

Let’s meet at the Y at 12:45 p.m. Megathon Day is here. It’s time for our amazing fundraiser event (MEGAwalk: Bracebridge or Bust!), when we’ll walk the remaining 10.1 km of our rather impressive 200 km total. We did it! Just a bit more to go. We will walk from 1 – 3 p.m., completing 101 laps around the track. Perhaps we’ll take a little refreshment together, afterwards.

Join us for this last leg of our many, many kilometres of late. If you’re not registered online, and at the West End Y’s front desk, please let me know. I can remind you of the administrative details. If you’re already registered, great! We’re ready to walk. Wear indoor walking clothes and dry shoes, as we’ll be upstairs on the delightful indoor track. Bring water. There are fountains, but it’s very nice to have a water bottle in hand. You’ll need it.

If you can’t join us for the whole shebang, consider dropping by anyway. Cheer us on. Walk a few laps with us. Make a little donation. We’d love your company on Saturday, even if just for a few rounds of the track. (If you are not a YMCA member, please let me know you’ll be coming, bring photo ID, and I’ll leave a note at the desk about folks we expect. They will have you sign in. Easy. I will only be in the lobby until about 12:50, so if you’re a “visitor” and will arrive later than that, tell me before then. Thanks!)

AND! Sunday, March 06, 2016:

Because we all love a Sunday morning walk, we will walk again the very next day. Sunday morning, meet at 9 a.m., as usual. This will be a shorter neighbourhood walk. Destination: TBA! Planned duration: 90 minutes. Think of this as a mystery. Join us, and see where we go. We won’t even keep track of the distance. Forecast: sunny. Nice!

Coming right up:


Can you tell? I just typed the first thing that came to mind! 🙂

Lovely spring walks ahead: trees greening, bulbs blooming, smiling faces, people yelling at us not to pick their lilies-of-the-valley. ( A fond memory, there!) Anyway, lots of wonderful walks and interesting destinations to anticipate. Ideas? Let us know!

But it’s still winter. Don’t put those gloves and boots away just yet.

See you soon!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome. You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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