Around & around we went

Still too early for table tennis in the park.
So let’s walk south to see a couple of indoor green walls.

But first, about last week:

Thanks to all who participated in the West End YMCA’s fundraising MEGAwalk challenge. It was a great pleasure racking up the mileage over 18 weeks… and wondering if we’d make it all the way to Bracebridge, so to speak! And, did we ever. The final leg of our walk, indoors, was terrific! Four of us made it all the way to Bracebridge, and probably part of a kilometre further, too! Everyone in the Walking Club contributed to the total distance, so thank you for the shared winter walking fun.

We also walked the next morning: an excellent neighbourhood walk, over to U of T region, and back via various residential streets. I took absolutely no photos on that Sunday stroll, as we took a route we’ve repeated, in many forms and patterns! But here are a few photos from Saturday’s last 10km. Good work, everyone!

Click on any photo above for carousel of larger files, and moderately witty captions.

We felt our hard work and fundraising success (about $800, and still growing!) called for a little refreshment. So, we rewarded ourselves and confirmed a tradition, by repeating last year’s pub visit. Cool beverages, hot tea, and spicy treats. Now you know what to expect, next time.

Sunday was a bright day, so we walked east into the light, and stayed on the sunny side of the street. We turned north on University and detoured home through the U of T campus and Harbord Village. The plan was a relaxed walk, and this fit the bill. It was interesting not to need to keep track of the distance. But you know I checked! But enough about that. Lots more amazing spring walking and exploring, just ahead. Distance, be damned.

This Sunday, March 13, 2016:

Meet at the Y at 9:00. To new walkers: we gather just inside the YMCA lobby when weather is cool, or out front, otherwise. We’ll check both places before we leave.

This week, we’re going to see some indoor greenery. There are still some green walls we haven’t visited, and what better time, as we await the coming spring? Depending upon who joins us, we may repeat an old favourite. But the first one is new to me – could be interesting. Bring friends along, too. If we’re chilly, we may stop for a hot beverage. We’ll aim for a two-hour walk.

Coming right up:

As previously hinted: spring walks ahead. Trees greening, bulbs blooming, smiling faces, table tennis in the park, fresh air, occasional rainy days, flowering branches, more sunshine. Who is not keen on all of that? Interesting destinations to anticipate. Ideas? Please share.

But it’s still cool out. Dress appropriately.


AH! LAST MINUTE REMINDER! Daylight Savings Time begins early Sunday morning. On Saturday night, set your clocks ahead one hour.

See you Sunday.

Are you reading about these walks for the first time?

Welcome. You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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